Maja Salvador and Ehra Madrigal

Twin Package

I haven't posted my writings yet for the month of July since the past months are quite very challenging for me. As all you know my wife is pregnant and she needs my attention and energy to help her in her pregnancy.

For now she stays stable as long as I feed her with the food she wants and crave. Second, I lost my internet connection because of non payment. I have to redirect the cash flow to some more important things but I'll try to settle things with my provider to have my connection back. What can I do? I miss you, my dear readers.

The office internet access cannot help me anymore since they already blocked any non-work related sites. Its a real bummer. Lastly, I have been bitten by the lazy bug to write any thing until now...

So for this month's entry, I'll give you a double treat. I'll try to post my last month "supposed" entry but was unable to post it. The first one was supposedly my first entry for July but days got a little faster and I was unable to post it.

I'm gonna feature two Filipinas that had my eyes locked at. I'll not elaborate their lives anymore since you might get bored reading this page. You can "google" them if you want. I just wanted to share these pretty ladies that I think deserve a space in my tiny blog... and thank GOD for such heavenly creatures...

July 2010 - Ehra Madrigal has the eyes that scorches the man in me. I also liked her "morena" complexion and her well-sculpted body. When she flashes her grin and smile, I would easily melt out like an ice cream melting under the sun.

Not to mention her naturally growing breasts are also a huge factor for her sex appeal. Her pictures scattered all over the internet are my window to her. Although she's not being given any shows and projects lately(if I can call "Diz Iz It" a legit show...), I'm still hoping her career will still boom up. She's beginning to show up some fats and going out of figure. 

Maybe its time to either ditch the "bitch" manager, move to modelling and/or do more "mature" roles instead. Maybe there is a brighter future ahead of her.

August 2010 - Maja Salvador has these dancing legs that are so tight that captures the attention of any men. Her enchanting face and wonderful smile mesmerizes me all throughout her dance. Her acting prowess cannot be set aside since she has good acting skills.

Nice legs, sweet face and smile and a body to die for... combined in one package. Of course, I got my eyes glued in her afternoon teleserye, "Impostor". Although I wouldn't want her to go back to her ugly state.

I certainly hope she can get more mature roles to showcase her talent even more and forever be one of my favorites.

For more information about Ehra Madrigal, visit her at her Wikipedia and her GMA profile page. For Maja Salvador, visit her Wikipedia and her fansite.


Credits to the original uploader/s of the picture/s shown on this post.

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