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Back in the early days of childhood, I was exposed to music early. My mother used to play her cassette tapes of the songs of her generation. Those cassette tapes has those thick, colorful plastic casings that came from our neighbors who were working abroad.

According to the sleeves of those cassettes, those casings protects the record from heat in the countries in the middle east. Anyway, my mother used to play those cassettes as early as 7 AM til noon. Of course, if I'm not playing outside, I would be tormented by those songs.

I would rather play with my toys than to listen to my mother's music. But one artist got my attention because of her lovely voice and nice songs. I can still remember that the first time I heard her songs, I immediately grabbed the sleeves of the cassette tape and learned to sing her songs. She is...

Karen Carpenter
1950 - 1983

Born on March 2, 1950, Karen was the younger sister to Richard which would eventually his bandmate. In her younger years, she used to play baseball and less interested in music. When she entered high school, she took interest in playing the drums and came naturally to her.

She later joined her brother's band The Richard Carpenter Trio and together with some other musicians, their break soon with the release of their album "Offering" (later retitled Ticket to Ride). They also had massive hits like "Close To You" and "We've Only Just Begun".

She also went solo and made a career for herself. On February 4, 1983, Karen died of heart failure as the primary cause of her death and anorexia as the second.

Karen Carpenter made music as if it was her last song. She's unlike any artists that needs to yell and have a curvaceous bod just to get attention. Her voice alone would give a soothing feeling of relaxation. Carpenter's talent gave millions inspiration through her songs including me. 

She was my companion on those times that I was heartbroken and lonely in the past. I still kept her cassette tape until I got the chance to save her songs digitally on my hard drive. 

Although I was unable to at least get to know her more before she died, I will continue to remember her by playing her songs and saying that a Carpenter had built me a house of inspiration for my soul.

My favorite Karen Carpenter songs include:

Close to You
For All We Know
Hurting Each Other
I Need to Be in Love
Only Yesterday
Rainy Days and Mondays
Top of the World
Touch Me When We're Dancing
We've Only Just Begun
Yesterday Once More
For more information about Karen Carpenter, visit her account in Wikipedia and her official fansite.

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