Ultrasound Experience At St. Hannah

Checking The Fetus

Yesterday, me and my wife went to a clinic that would show us some enlightenment. We should've done this a few weeks earlier but things got messed up and our finances are not that good. If you're following my entries, you know what's happening. 

But yesterday was a relief. It brought us excitement and unexplained joy. A milestone for both of us that would relieve the stress and sacrifices that we had done in the past weeks.

We got ready at about 3 PM and left the house after half an hour. We rode a jeep to the place that we were going. I know we can ride a cab but I prefer the old fashioned way.

After a slight traffic jam, we arrived at the place. A clinic. We entered the premise and I saw a few people inside. We were welcomed by a lady nurse and we told her our intent.

The nurse was hospitable and asked my wife, "Do you want to urinate?" Of course, the conversation is in Filipino. You know the reason why.

Me and my wife looked at each other and she said "Do I have to? I don't feel that I need to?"

"Ok then." The nurse said. And she asked for the payment of 800 pesos. My wife gave her a thousand peso bill. After handing the change, she accompanied us upstairs where the test will be conducted.

We were led to the room where the test would be done and instructed my wife to change her clothes. She was given an apron-like dress that she would be using and told us to wait for the doctor. I waited for the doctor outside the room.

I roamed my eyes around the place and was amazed how the place was maximized. After a few minutes, the doctor arrived. I think she was in her early thirties. Her hair is long and her complexion is quite fair. I also thought that she's single but I did not bother. She told me that she would tell when to enter the room.

"Ok!" I happily replied.

Another few moments of waiting, I heard the doctor called out, "Sir, you may enter the room." I slowly turned the knob and pushed the door.

As I entered, i saw a black and white monitor that shows some garbled images. As my eyes focused clearly on the image shown, I saw some movements and it formed to me clearly...

Our baby is moving inside... he/she has formed and developed head, eyes, hands, body and legs. We couldn't tell if he's a male or a female but she's alive in my wife's womb.

Heartbeats are already measured. I couldn't explain what I feel inside. Overjoyed, overwhelmed, and smiles drew unto our faces.

I took a picture and after a few minutes, the doctor said its done. She pulled out the device and told us to wait for the results. My wife felt like urinating.

I thought maybe that was the reason the nurse asked her to urinate earlier. We waited awhile and the results were given to us. We left the clinic with smiles and happiness in our hearts.

Me and my wife were aghast of the results. Maybe after the sacrifices and pain that Shane was experiencing, a jolt of joy erased it away. May it be a male or a female, we we'll be gladly embrace him/her with love and happiness.

We're really excited to welcome him/her to the world. Life may not be that fair, but still we can teach him/her to enjoy life and to make the most out of it.

Special thanks to pshaik for following my blog.


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