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I have been in search of something to write on these past few days but my mind is still blacking out. I don't know what to write about. Although there are so many things that's going in and out of my brain, it seems I can't compose a thing to write about. Three days of June had past but still I can't figure out anything.

To end this headache that is tormenting my brain, I thought of the things that I love the most... women. I thought of a woman that would really be in my fantasies. And for June, she is gonna be our Girl of 9MM. She is...

Riza Santos. Born and raised in Canada, Riza is a full blooded Filipina because her parents are both Filipinos and migrated to Canada because of their jobs. Like her family, she is an achiever. She concentrated on community service and charity works. She also joined the military because of the influence of her grandparents.

As a medic, she worked as a counselor and after that she pursued to become a doctor. In 2006, she joined and won the "Miss Earth" beauty pageant under the Canadian flag.

And in October 2007, Riza joined and won second place in the "Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2" and played for the Bantay Bata Foundation as her charity. She also graced the covers of FHM and had some movie and TV appearances like in "Dobol Trobol", "Palos" and "I Love Betty La Fea".

After the controversy she encountered with a clothing company, no news was heard about Riza Santos. When I saw her in PBB and in FHM, I was awed by her beauty. She got nice bumpers from the front and rear, mix it up with her nice-looking face and towering height makes her like a goddess of the earth.

I agreed with the judges that made her Miss Earth. I'll be gladly to be environment-friendly and stop my smoking just to be with her for the rest of my life. Of course, I'm just dreaming. My brain overreacted.

For more information about Riza Santos, go to Wikipedia or one of her fansite.

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