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I'm just gonna update things here in my blog just to keep you posted on what's happening with me in the last few days. I don't know if I'm really busy with some chores in the house, attending to my wife's pregnancy or being bit by the lazy bug.

You might also be wondering why I'm writing in English again instead of the usual alternate Filipino-English routine that I have been doing for the past month. I'll tell you what's going on...

My wife is still having difficulty in her first trimester of her pregnancy. She's experiencing several pains aside from the usual dizziness, vomiting and hurling. Adding in her hormonal imbalance are coughing, back pains and knee pains. She has already a history of knee pains because of her rheumatism in the past and it can be healed with some ointment.

But the cough and back pains are new to us. Every now and then, she experiences diarrhea. I'm really helpless in helping her. So we decided to have her checked up again by our OB-Gyne. The doctor told us that all are normal except for her low blood pressure. She was given medicines and vitamins that we thought are unsafe to pregnant women.

Now we know that that is a myth. Tomorrow, we're gonna go and have an ultrasound of her belly. Our money is thinning so fast because of her not able to go to work due to her condition. I'm just praying that no harm will affect our baby/babies.

I am writing again in English because I want to try "Google AdSense" and have my blog earn a few cents. I researched and read from the internet that Filipino is still not a supported language so maybe that's the reason that I'm always being disapproved.

I was fascinated at how fellow blogger Jieno earned from it. I wanted to try to add ads here in my blog just to earn a few from this site. I'm looking forward for a positive outcome on this project.

Like my new sidebar look? Well, in connection with adding some ads here in my blog, I tried to maximize the sidebar space so that I could show off and have quick access to those things I can read off my blog. I added tabbed widgets and a subscription to my social networks and rss.

You can easily access the labels, follow and recent comments widgets on the sidebar and just under that you can follow 9MMDOTNET on Twitter and Facebook. With the help of Junksblogger and Simple Blogger Tutorials for the hacks that made my sidebar look and feel good.

Congratulations to the newly elected president and vice-president of the Philippines. May their skills and knowledge help bring the Philippines back to the top again.

This is all for now. Thanks to all of you who are always visiting my site.


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