112th Philippine Independence Day

Independence From What?

It turns out that the Philippine Independence Day fell on a weekend. A Saturday. And only in our country that even if a legal holiday falls on a weekend, it is necessary for the President to declare the holiday like it fell on a regular working day.

Like this year, June 12 fell on a Saturday but a non-working holiday was declared on June 14, Monday. Lucky for us, who works for a 24 by 7 BPO company, it doubles our daily wage. But for most, this is a long weekend.

From what I heard from an analyst, a third world country like ours needs to have more work done to make us at least earn more and be more productive. Go figure.

Anyway, I'm not gonna rant about that here. For this entry, I am gonna write about our Independence.

From our history, one hundred and twelve years ago, we declared ourselves free from Spanish colonization. Americans bought us from the Spaniards and colonized the country. 

Japanese came and conquered most of the country but was reclaimed again by the Americans. In 1986, we freed ourselves from the dictator regime of the late president Marcos. We got our democracy back.

But my question is... do we really have freedom? Are we truly free?

According to a song by the infamous band The Jerks entitled "Sayaw Sa Bubog":

"Walang libreng kalayaan, Ito'y pinagbabayaran"
After the Edsa Revolution, the sweet promises made by the politicians were broken. Every politicians tried to gain as much as they can for their own personal gains. The same elected senators and congressmen today are the same people that made our country miserable in so many ways.

The media and newspapers are feeding us with information to keep our minds as stupid as possible. Creating shows and programs that would just generate money and not the knowledge to end ignorance. If you don't know what I'm talking about, watch the news and programs on local TV channels and listen to OPM music on local radio stations.

And just recently, the "Freedom Of Information Bill" was trashed by the congress due uncertain reasons. WTF!?! They dumped the bill because they don't want the people know what they are hiding and doing illegally?

Maybe they don't want the Filipino people to know what illegal transactions they do with the taxes we are paying them. This bill is to let every single Filipino learn and know where his taxes is going to. It is the right of every Filipino to know what his hard earned tax is going to. Where is democracy there? Where is freedom there?

Freedom? Yeah, right.

I hope this entry would enlighten my readers on what's happening in our country. And I hope the newly elected officials will make the Philippines a better country. For me, I'll try to be a good citizen of my beloved country.


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