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Birthday Present

This post is almost a week old already. I haven't had the chance to write about this experience I had on the night of my birthday. You guys should know why. I had to sleep as early as 7 PM to wake up around 1130 PM to watch this awesome event.

As soon as my alarm rang, I did not hesitate to pull myself up and watch and experience this. As I turned on Mackie Girl, my anticipation excites me as I log on to the site where I can watch the country's first online streaming concert dubbed as...

Plug N' Play. Held in Whitespace parking lot in Makati City, Wolfgang howled and played the night out with a few hundred audience and thousands more online. I was one lucky bastard to have reserved a slot for the event for free. Basti Artadi, along with Manuel Legarda, Mon Legaspi and Francis Aquino greeted the audience with a song from their first album, "What Grow In Your Garden" and "Left Alone".

The quartet still has the balls to play the heavy ones. Francis Aquino, although new to the group, still beats like the original. Mon Legaspi gets steady with his bass while Manoy Legarda smokes his guitar with his exceptional guitar playing. Basti Artadi gets cranky with the audience with his singing and frequent telling the audience "Lupet nyo, P*tangina! Kaya pa?".

As I headbang alone in front of my monitor, I long for a bottle of Red Horse. But since I'm ailing for something aching at my lower back, I helped myself with a bottle of purified water. Silently, I sing with Basti because my wife is already sleeping. the audience in the chatroom also headbangs as Wolfgang plays "Man 98", "As Oceans", "Love And Despair" and "Cast Of Clowns".

Basti shouted and sang to the audience whose quite quiet in front. If I were there, I was already slamming in the mosh pit. Wolfgang continued and slowed down playing with "Ibrahim", "Meckam", "Bassarab's Walk", "No Falter", "Mata Ng Diyos", "Diaspora Mama", and "Darkness Fell". They also played faster songs like "Tulisan", "Le Fusilier's Theme" and my favorite "Weightless".

The highlight of the evening was Wolfgang covered one of the most difficult metal song. They covered Metallica's "Master Of Puppets". I eagerly looked at how would Manoy recreate the songs ad lib or guitar solo. Although the band did not played it 100% like the original, but they played it excellently. The song was suppose to be played with two guitars but it sounded like it was. 

The audience started to dance and slam on the mosh pit. Basti did a great job in the vocals as well as Manoy who played extremely good wearing a nice guitar shades. On the rhythm part, Mon and Francis were steady with their bass and drum chores respectively. The last two songs were also my favorite songs of the band, "Halik Ni Hudas" and "Natutulog Kong Mundo" completed the night of head bang and good music experience.

Verdict. This was the highlight of my birthday. Even though I was ailing, I eagerly watched and experience this one in a lifetime event that would unite every "rakista" in the world. Aside from the lagging and going offline every now and then, even at the most anticipated time, still this is a good venue for an online concert. Filipino fans of the band around the world greatly appreciated the efforts of the people behind this event.

Aside from the people that attended it live, we also enjoyed the concert online. Although I looked like an idiot, banging my head alone as I watched them from my PC, it was a tremendous experience. Too bad I was not able to watch the new bands, "Wilabaliw" and "Monkeyspank". This was a great birthday gift for me. This Saturday, I will buy the bootleg DVD copy of the said concert for my personal collection.

Event Experience File Number: 0520102051
Wolfgang: Plug N' Play
Rating: Very Good

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Credits to Wolfgang Philippines for the pictures shown above.

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