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As the month of the mothers around the world draws near, I haven't featured a hot mama yet here in my blog. So I tried to choose who is it gonna be. There are lot of sexy hot mothers out there and one tries to stand out from the rest. I may need to feature the other hot moms in the coming months.

But for now, she's gonna be our "Hot Mom" for the month of May. You may have already noticed her in one of the noontime shows as a co-host to the most arrogant host I have seen. Without further introduction, she is...

Valerie Concepcion

Born as a Capricorn, Val started out as a print model before entering show business. Her showbiz career started in GMA as one of the cast of a noon time teen show "CLICK". She did several afternoon soaps under the same network like "Walang Hanggan", "Now and Forever Presents: Mukha" and "Love to Love". She also did primetime soap operas like "Majika" and "Atlantika".

After having issues with her contract with GMA she transferred to its rival network, ABS-CBN. And from there, her career skyrocketed when she did hosting chores for Wowowee. Valerie also entered movies and acted as leading lady in "Superpapahlicious" opposite Vhong Navarro.

She also did endorsement for a slimming product, Slenda. Doing her craft well, she was recognized by Star Awards as "Best Female Variety Show Host" in 2008 and 2009. Currently, Valerie owns a franchise of Posh Nails in The Fort, a bottled water shop and a laundry business while still doing hosting chores for Wowowee.

Valerie Concepcion is still hot. I don't know you guys, but as mothers gets old, they're kind of more interesting than other single ladies... and getting sexier too. In her case, she still has the looks and the body that even a man like me could not resist.

Her seductive lips whenever she dances on her show makes me want to kiss her as she pout her lips out. Even if she's a mother to a 5 year old, I would not think twice to date her.

Although I hear some rumors that she is worth a whopping 250 thousand per night, still it doesn't take away my lust for her. If I have the money to spend, why not spend it with her? She's still a hot mom. Super hot!

For more information about Valerie Concepcion, click here and here.


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