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I wanted to watch a live concert on my birthday. In a very long time, I haven't watched a live concert. I think the last live concert I watched was in the nineties. I miss the live music, the mosh pit and the great experience.

I can still remember the days when we watched a "pa-morning-an" concert held in the Payanig sa Pasig grounds(now its Metrowalk). We would be lining up a long, different group of people at around 3PM. Some people dressed as punks, mohawk hairs, and metal accessories are the highlights of my observation.

I wore a white shirt, checkered long sleeves polo, tight jeans and leather boots. We were like children getting in a carnival. Once we get in the venue, its total chaos.

Way back, I was following a band that performs very well. Other than Advent Call, Datu's Tribe and Tame The Tikbalang, I also followed rich or what they call coño bands. Those bands who has way cool guitars and nice gadgets. 

Those who can afford proper schooling for music. Although they are tagged and called like that, their music is still excellent. After hearing their first album, they rocked my world in every corners of it. They are the...

Wolfgang. Formed in 1992 from the quartet of Basti Artadi(vocals), Manuel Legarda(guitars), Mon Legaspi(bass) and Wolf Gemora(drums). They played live gigs at the now defunct The Atrium and Kalye when they were starting together with Razorback. Their music was easily recognized by listeners when "Darkness Fell" and "Left Alone" played in the radio. 

They released their self-titled debut album last 1995 and it got platinum. They released five more albums, "Semenelin", "Wurm", "Serve In Silence", "Acoustica" and "Black Mantra" and all of them went, at least, platinum. They went on hiatus and went on their separate ways in 2001.

In 2007, they got reunited minus their drummer Wolf Gemora who already plays drums for the Californian band "Lokomotiv". He was replaced by Francis Aquino. They released "Villains" and got it promoted in Yahoo Philippines.

Wolfgang is a band that plays "plakado" songs. They make sure that their songs are almost perfect. The first time I heard of them, I thought that they were a foreign band. I was also ignoring their album on record stores thinking that they are just a wannabe band. But when 

I heard "Natutulog Kong Mundo", I immediately bought their cassette tape and after listening to the whole album, I was not disappointed. I also purchased their other albums which I don't know where they are. They were either borrowed or stolen.

But still my likeness and amazement to the band will remain the same. I don't know what happened to them with Wolf but still Wolfgang still rocks. Awwwwoooo!!!

Tomorrow night, they will do the country's first ever online streaming concert, "Plug and Play". It will be held in Makati and I am very sad that I can't watch it live. Its suppose to be my gift for my birthday from myself, but I will be contented on watching it on my PC. If you are following my posts, you will know why. You can click here if you can still watch it online tomorrow.

For more information about Wolfgang, click here and here.

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