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Sometimes, I seek a woman's beauty by looking on her skin complexion. I don't know you people but I prefer tanned over fairer or whiter complexion. I know a lot of you look for a whiter complexion and I don't want to disagree with you.

I myself also look for women that has whiter complexion. I don't know, maybe men's eyes are easily attracted to whiter woman than tanned women. But I have this thought that whiter women cannot be tanned because it'll make them unpretty.

Today, I am gonna feature a lady whose not into whiter complexion. I read about her tweets and shout outs about being proud of her color and tan, and I knew that I got myself another 9MM Girl.

Jocelyn Oxlade

A daughter of a British and Filipina and raised in Brighton, Sussex, Jocelyn moved to Manila to pursue her singing and modeling career. She won as Miss Hawaiian Tropic out of 25 contestants to represent us in the international pageant.

Although she did not won the coveted title, she won as Miss Photogenic and Miss EarthCam. Playboy offered her $25,000 to pose on their magazine but she courteously declined the offer due to some personal reasons.

After the stint, she modeled for Fila, Kamiseta and Avon. She also did not gave up her singing career and later on joined the all-girl group Kitty Girls. She also appeared on FHM and several magazines as model. Now she hosts MOG TV, she sings and perform with her newly reformed Kitty Girls along with Ayanna Oliva and Khai Lim and do casual modeling stuffs.

Ever since I first saw her in the June 2005 issue of FHM, I know this girl would go to places. With her curvaceous body, nice long legs that could go on forever, smooth and tanned skin and appealing face that men, like me, desired.

Not only that, she has this talent that only a Jocelyn Oxlade can do. When she sings and dance, I couldn't help myself but have my eyes stuck on the tube and admire the beauty swaying and gyrating. And ever since then, I became an admirer.

And since social networking is in nowadays, I followed her on Twitter and Facebook. Even though I sound like a stalker, I hope she can read this post and grant me my wish... a Picture Greeting on my birthday this coming May 15.

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