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I definitely admire musicians who learn on their own. They can just rely on their creativity and music skills to create good music. One of them didn't had the proper schooling to learn music. I mean he did not enroll on any school of music or others.

It just happen that he has this passion for creating good and heavy music. Unfortunately, a fan accused him of stealing songs and eventually ended the life of one of the good guitar players in music history. He is none other than...

Darrell Lance Abbott
1966 - 2004

Dimebag Darrell. Born as Darrell Lance Abbott to Carolyn ang Jerry Abbott. Since his father is a musician(country musician and producer), he was to be inclined to music. He traded up a BMX bike to a guitar after hearing Black Sabbath at age 16. He won several guitar competitions and was barred from entering to give chance to others.

He formed Pantera in 1981 with his brother Vinnie Paul on drums, Rex Brown on bass and Phil Anselmo on vocals. His unparalleled guitar playing was recognized and he revolutionized the "power metal" genre. After their stint with Pantera, Dimebag was offered to play with different bands including Megadeth, Anthrax and King Diamond among others.

But he continued on forming Damage Plan. But on December 8, 2004, a fan named Nathan Gale shot and killed Dimebag because he thought that Dimebag was stealing his songs. His remains are located Moore Memorial Gardens Cemetery in Arlington, Texas beside his mother's grave.

I have listened to Pantera from a schoolmate in college. After hearing them, I liked them already. I tried learning their songs through guitar tablatures that I bought from a place in QC. I was able to learn "5 Minutes Alone" through Dimebag's lesson in Guitar World.

I admired his guitar playing skills. There was a rumor that he didn't learn his guitar playing by enrolling in a guitar school. I'm already in the impression that it is true and that was my inspiration to play guitar before.

It was just so sad that Dimebag's life will be ending like this. He is truly one of the greatest guitar player that walked the earth. RIP, Dimebag!

For more information about Dimebag Darrell, click here and here.


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