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As for my first post this April, I am recognizing the one hundredth post mark of 9MMDOTNET. I don't know if it was pure laziness or just not having any topic to discuss, but this mark should have been reached last year.

I just went back to blogging early this year, and I really appreciate all the comments and feedback I am getting from my readers. I gained a lot of blogging friends. Although, we haven't met personally, I am looking forward to meet each and everyone of you.

In this post, I intend to heat up your summer by sharing you another pretty and sexy woman. Since Random Student wouldn't want me to reveal our real ages, I'm gonna feature a younger female. She's the younger sister of one of the actresses here in the Philippines who's running for a position in her city. She's none other than..


Cristine Reyes

The younger sister of actress Ara Mina, has been in the biz for quite sometime now. Born as an Aquarius, she joined the reality TV show Starstruck to make her name for herself. Although she did not win the Ultimate Survivor title, she made her presence playing different supporting roles.

She gained popularity when she did the TV remake of "Eva Fonda" and was recognized in South Korea for playing the role. She is currently doing some shows over at ABS-CBN since she just renewed her contract with them.

Cristine Reyes has really grown up as a fine young lady. Having graced several men's magazine and hailed as 2009 Sexiest Filipina in FHM, indeed she is hot. She's even hotter than her sister Ara Mina. Her angelic face and her cute dimple along with the hot and curvaceous body enthralls me.

She is one of the reason I watch ASAP XV. When she dance, she casts a spell to us men and leave us craving for more. I was impressed by her acting and the way she still considers herself as down to earth. Another angel to make the devil out of us men. One word to describe Cristine Reyes. Damn!

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