As for my post today, I will try to post something interesting. Since its gonna be Earth Day tomorrow, I will write something about Earth. And for this post, I would get high. Do you get high?

I'm talking about the annual celebration of the Cannabis Culture celebrated in the world. Although I already stopped being a user of this substance, I miss the high times I spent with it. So read on and make yourself high.

420 (Cannabis Culture). According to Wikipedia, The term 4:20 refers to a group of people consuming cannabis. In the U.S., it is a holiday for some people and they gather up to celebrate and consume cannabis. It originated in 1971 where a group of students agreed to smoke cannabis every 4:20 PM at the Louis Pasteur statue in San Rafael High School in San Rafael, California, United States.

Although many people disagree, they also want to have it legalized. According to some experts, consuming cannabis is better than smoking a cigarette and helps in reducing the risk of having breast, head and neck related cancers. Until proven and legalized, it is still a substance of addiction.

I remember back in the days, when we tried to put ganja on brownies. Our friend consumed half of the tray and he started to laugh at anything without any sense. I got high too with MJ with my friends smoking a lot of it in a hotel room.

And all I can remember is that it was amazing and it was a non-stop laughing trip. Then after the sensation subsides, I literally got stuck up. They had to shove me to get my attention.

In this post, I don't tell you to smoke ganja rather than cigarette. I just want to be clear that not all things that are taught to us are true. Marijuana, although, there are statements that make it good, its still bad for your health.

Its still a drug and can cause addiction to many. Even though I like smoking pot, it was better for me not to take it regularly. And ever since that day that I was stuck up, I haven't tasted and consumed it again.

Happy Earth Day! Remember reduce, reuse and recycle.

For more information about 420, click here.


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