Mylene Dizon

Feisty Mom

Sometimes, when I stare and look beauty on the opposite sex, I see to it that I don't look for the angelic face only. I also look for some wickedness within. More than always, I look for the "mataray" look in women.

And in Philippine showbiz, one woman stands out when it comes to being feisty. Most of the time she plays as an antagonist to the leading character but it doesn't matter to me, she's still a hot mom...

Mylene Dizon

An alumni of the Star Circle Batch 2, Mylene has portrayed several characters already in both movie and television series. She started out as a matinee idol and partnered with Bojo Molina in the TV series "Gimik". Her break came out when she played as "Sally", the antagonist in the teleserye "Sa Dulo Ng Walang Hanggan".

She also went on to do more mature roles like going nude in the movie "Gatas... Sa Dibdib Ng Kaaway" and the indie movie wherein she did a girl-to-girl bed scene with Andrea Del Rosario "Rome and Juliet". She already has two kids from actor-model Paolo Paraiso. Currently she plays as Leona in the teleserye "Tanging Yaman".

I love the gutsy character being portrayed by Mylene Dizon. I already liked her for being naive way back in her teenybopper days. She looks very innocent way back. I didn't know that she's gonna be a nice looking antagonist. When she decided to go bold, I worshiped her more with her body being exposed.

She got even hotter when she did the girl-to-girl scenes. I absolutely love those girls that are very flexible when it comes to character playing. It adds more flavor to their personality. That is why I am featuring her here in my blog and I agree that Mylene Dizon is one of the hottest moms that a man could ever dream of. His man is just so stupid not to marry her.

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