Sugarfree: Mornings and Airports Album Review

Diabetic Review

One of the dreaded disease Filipinos are afraid of is having a sweet tooth. Yes, dear readers, it is diabetes. Actually, it is hereditary and sometimes acquired by consuming sugar-based grubs. But this article is not about the disease.

Although, messages between the songs of this band are sweet enough to make your tooth ache, they came up with their fourth studio album last year. I only got the chance to listen and review it now because of over-laziness.

Sugarfree. The trio of Ebe Dancel (vocals/guitars), Jal Taguibao (bass/back-up vocals) and Kaka Quisimbing (drums) was formed in 1999. Although the original drummer (Mitch Singson) left, Sugarfree is still destined to soar to fame. Influenced by Radiohead, Oasis and Popsicle, they made their songs with a happy and catchy melody but darker and meaningful lyrics.

They released several studio albums like Sa Wakas (2003), Dramachine (2004) and Tala-Arawan (2006) and made several endorsements, commercials and concerts. Just last year, Sugarfree recorded and released their fourth studio album "Mornings and Airports".

Verdict. Still the same good 'ol Sugarfree. After 11 years of good melodic rock/pop music, the band never fails to impress me. With their fourth offering, Mornings and Airports, the band improved and got matured on their music. Its not really obvious on their songs but for me they still expanded their musical talents as a band.

Good singles here are "Wala Nang Hihilingin", "Pagkatapos Ng Lahat", "Hay Buhay", "Heto Na Naman Tayo" and its carrier single "Feels Like". Over the years, Sugarfree had tormented my hunger for good quality music.

While listening to their music, its like I want to be depressed and happy at the same time. Its like... I'm beginning to get crazy.... hahaha! bwahahahaha!

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Sugarfree: Mornings and Airports
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Sugarfree: Mornings and Airports Album Review Sugarfree: Mornings and Airports Album Review Reviewed by Stone-Cold Angel on 3:45 AM Rating: 5
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