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One way to bond and get some quality time with my wife is to go to a nearest coffee shop. There we can talk about anything while watching people walk and do some activities. Sometimes we rate people on how their fashion sense is and sometimes we just look for some good-looking women.

There's this one place that we always go because the ambiance there is quite relaxing. A little bit of fresh air with lots of people going on with their lives while we talk and laugh with each other. And its in the middle of the city...

Bonifacio High Street. Located at the heart of Fort Bonifacio, High Street is an open air park with some shopping establishments neatly arranged at the sides. Its like a mall but its air cool.

Its park caters to different architectures and playgrounds where kids can play and adults can relax. Can easily be accessed from The Fort and Market! Market! mall. A nice place to chill and relax from the stress the city brings.

Verdict. We (my wife and I) often relax and meet our friends here. I, on the other hand, practice my photography skills using Nikole. The only thing that I don't like here are those people that make this place like a big poop place for their pets.

I mean, its okay to bring your pets and all but not make the place full of shit. Anyway, if you want to have some relaxing time with your family (pets included), Bonifacio High Street is a good quiet place to unwind and chill.

For my Bonifacio High Street photos, click here.

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Bonifacio High Streets
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