My Mobile Evolution

Communication is the best way to get people acquainted. And cellphones have been an important tool for businesses and personal lives of people.

Here in the Philippines, where it holds the namesake, "Texting Capital of the World", it is essential for every people to have. Even sidewalk vendors have their own cellphones to at least have a way of communication or maybe to market their products.

In this post, I'm gonna share with you the evolution of cellphones that I have owned in the last decade. I was in college when the explosion of cellphones first began.

Of course, I hadn't had the chance to own one. It was so expensive back then that a mere Nokia 5110 costs around eight thousand pesos. Only rich people can afford cellphones back then.

There was also a time when I was dealing with different people to be a middleman for a cellphone business. I recalled that we have to call people, some are just through friends, about dealing hundreds of units of Nokia 5110, 6110, 6150 and 3210 which will be sold to different people. It has to be paid in either cash or through manager's check. Luckily, I wasn't able to deal with anybody because all of it were just scams.

Anyway, here are the cellphones that I have used since 2000. Here they are...

First Wave. I started with using Nokia cellphones, particularly the Nokia 3210. It was a gift from my older brother who won the lottery for having 5 out of the 6 winning numbers. I accompanied him in Greenhills to buy a brand new cellphone and it was priced around six grand.

It quenched my thirst for communication and used it like it was no tomorrow. Though, it just has limited memory for messages, still I was so thankful and satisfied with the 3210. I used it for about two years. After that, it was lost in a cab after purchasing my first PC.

My next cellphones were still Nokia. I went to have the Nokia 7110, which was very useful for its texting, and calling purposes. It has a cool slider that looks cool to slide down whenever there is someone calling.

But it was quite big to be kept in my pocket. Since it was big, I had to replace and swap it with the Nokia 8850. The 8850 was small and durable with its silver finish. It has also the slider and its so small to fit my pocket. I was already so satisfied with this cellphone... until I had to let it go.

I was unemployed and needed some money to look for a job. I was forced to sell this nice cellphone. I also had a Nokia 3510 which was taken away from me by a hold up-er. And another phone that I got from my celebrating points from the office which is a Nokia 1209 and I named her "Kia".

The Boom of the Camera Phones. When I got another job, I had the chance to take part of the first explosion of the colored and cam phones. I got myself a Nokia 3650 which has the circular keypad (like the old telephone) through a plan. I was having a hard time using this unit aside from the bulkiness of it, so I decided to sell it... again.

After having no cellphone for a month, my fiancee (my wife now) gave me a Nokia 6260. It was a big cellphone for me but it gave me the options to do videos, take pictures and listen to music which are essential to me. But it was again too big and heavy for me. So I decided to trade it.

Sony Ericsson. I got my first SE phone when I traded my Nokia 6260 for a black K608i and I named it "Erika". I was very satisfied with her performance and stability. I used her for internet, texting, calls, taking pictures and many others that a normal cellphone could not do.

She was the perfect cellphone for me and I used her for three years. Until one night, she just bid farewell... she was lost while we were moving to another house.

My wife got me another SE phone which was included in her plan. It was the G502 and I named her "Rica". She's still got the functionality that I need for a phone but she was unlike Erika. Although, she's new and stable I still look for something else.

I decided to trade her for an SE K770i which I named "Sonja". She's my phone right now and I'm satisfied with her... for now. I can't explore her features yet aside from calling, texting and taking pictures.

Clones and PDAs. I also had phones that did not last long in my care. There's "Roxy", an O2 XDA Smart phone. I enjoyed using her because I can play different games with her like Worms and Tomb Raider.

But again, she's too big for me. I also had the chance to have those Clone phones. I had the CECT A380, a clone to the Iphone. And another clone phone for the Nokia 5310 Xpress Music which I named "Chin-chin". I only used her because of the music functionality of it.

I'm not sure if I have forgotten the other phones that I had but I love the times being with those I listed above. They remind me of the time, wakes me up, entertain me, tell me who's calling, texting and what to do.

I treasure and take care of my phones as much as I could because they are very important to me. I also had this knack of naming them after a female name so that I could take care of them always. Actually all my gadgets are named after a female name.

I prefer Sony Ericsson cellphones rather than Nokia.

For the photo set of Sonja, my Sony Ericsson K770i, click here.


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