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I just got back home after I got my wife a ride going to work. I turned on the TV and scanned for good programs. Aside from the local channels that shows their morning programs, I happen to flipped to Star Movies channel and lo and behold, one of my favorite movies is being shown.

I was suppose to feature Wrestlemania XXVI, but I haven't finished watching it. And to fill today's post, I just have to pay tribute to the movie that has become a cult classic to us headbangers and metalheads out there...

Airheads. Starring Brendan Frasier (Chazz Darby), Steve Buscemi (Rex Hodge) and Adam Sandler (Pip Briggs) as the band "The Lone Rangers". Being constantly being turned down by record companies, they decided to hostage the employees of the radio station KPPX.

During the crisis, they found out several things going on about the station going mellow. As this happens crowd is building up outside to participate and cheer for the hostage takers. They got their record contract after several negotiations but after learning that they are going to lip sync their song, they crashed and destroyed their guitars and drums and jumped to the river of crowd cheering for them.

They were sent to prison and their album "Live and In Prison" went to triple platinum. Directed by Michael Lehmann.

According to Wikipedia, Airheads was a commercial failure. although correct, I detest to its conclusion. This is a movie about how musicians go their way to be heard. Its really hard to make a song and have it heard and recognized.

I also liked the movie's persistence to inculcate the principles of musicians like unsolicited contracts, no lip syncing and others. It just teaches its audience not to be blinded by money. I also like the several cameo appearances both physical and voice.

Theres Lemmy of Motorhead, Mike Judge who did Beavis and Butthead's voices on the phone and Harold Ramis(Ghostbusters). This is indeed a cult classic for rockers and headbangers out there starting out their career on music. Just be true to your craft and everything goes in to place. Rock n' roll!!!

For more information about the movie Airheads, click here


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