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Of course, its just a title. I can't think of another title that would be somewhat related to my post today. Forgive me if I called you, my dear readers (as if there is one)... a basterd. That's just a title, nothing more.

Its another weekend for me but this time its longer by a day. I am lucky to be granted a day of leave from tech support work. I was planning to blog and work on my website but some chores needed to be done.

Another reason is that I can't think of topics that I want to share with you. So I decided to watch two of the movies nominated in the recent 82nd Oscars. Although they haven't won the "Best Picture" category, they are quite entertaining to say the least.

My wife wouldn't like to watch these kinds of movies with me anyway (she prefers watching Cinema One movies), so I downloaded and watched it quietly with Macky Girl and here are my verdicts...

Inglorious Basterds. I'm always fascinated with movies about World War II and the Nazis. I like the topic being discussed how the world knew and feared the Fuhrer... Adolf Hitler. In this movie Lt. Aldo Raine (Brad Pitt) gathered eight men to strike fear to Germans and Nazis by scalping their heads (the upper one, silly!). I admired Brad Pitt's exceptional acting (aside from the fact that I resemble him before I was struck by "Dengue") and he knows how to speak and deliver the character including the accent (check out his performance in "Snatch").

At first, the movie is quite boring since I have to read the subtitles and they are speaking in either French or German language. I thought Quentin Tarantino has gone by as a scriptwriter and not as a director (as done in Kill Bill Vol 1 and 2, From Dusk 'til Dawn among others). But after the bar scene, things get a little more exciting.

I liked the game they played there similar to the "Pinoy Henyo". It gets more exhilarating when all the great German leaders including Hitler are all gathered to watch the "Stolzder Nation" (Nation Pride) just to be burned alive. Great performance from Christoph Waltz as SS Col Hans Landa (won as "Best Supporting Actor" in the recent Oscars) who discovered who the basterds are and at the end was double crossed by Lt. Raine and carved the swastika on Landa's forehead saying "I think this just might be my masterpiece".

Movie Review File Number: 0316100914
Inglorious Basterds
Rating: Very Good

Up. I'm just a fan of cartoons and CGI and I am so glad that Up was nominated and won "Best Animated Feature" in the 82nd Oscars. The story of Mr. Fredricksen's (voice of Edward Asner) journey along with Russell (Jordan Nagai) to the Paradise Falls using his house with lots of balloons.

Disney-Pixar together with Pete Docter (Director) never fails to impress me with stories and animations that pull me back to childhood. Even if at old age... Mr. Fredricksen had his own little adventure and learns how to be happy with Russell and Dug (the orange dog voiced by Bob Peterson).

Even though he lost his wife and long time partner Ellie (Elizabeth Docter), he continued her adventure by fulfilling his wife's dreams and making his own adventure. I enjoyed the movie. Very much.

Movie Review File Number: 0316101211
Rating: Very Good


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