Tagaytay Photo Ops Experience

Breezy Photo Walk

I love to shoot pictures of Mother Nature. The scenery and other living things trying to survive amongst us. They are very awesome to look at, even in pictures. So when I had the opportunity to take moments with them, I did not hesitated and eagerly took some of them with me and I want to share them with my readers (if I have some?!).

I took maybe hundreds of them but just a few are chosen since I wasn't able to properly set my camera to the correct settings to get the beauty of the pictures. Hey, I'm a beginner and newbie in this hobby so forgive me if I won't satisfy your preferences. I just wanted to share it and maybe take some comments to improve myself.

As for my previous post, these pictures were taken from our trip in Tagaytay City last February 20. Most of the pictures here are taken from the fields in Caleruega. I took some close up and landscape photos from the places and things we went to in Tagaytay.

Since majority of the shoots are taken either under poor lighting conditions or wrong settings of the camera, I have to edit them with Photoshop. Either sharpening the images or making them brighter are clearly time consuming. But its worth it.

I welcome your comments, reactions and other suggestions to improve my learning in the photography hobby. In this shoot I applied the "Rule of Thirds", "Macro" and "Landscape" techniques I learned from the internet.

Check the rest of the collection here.


Credits to the original uploader/s of the picture/s shown on this post.

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