A Short Gimmick Night Experience

Jem's Birthday

Since its my rest day, I have to think and create a good article to post here in my blog. So I scanned the TV and surfed the internet to get some ideas, but I have found nothing that interests me.

While I'm still undecided on what to write about, I'll just share with you my experience last Sunday night and maybe give a review with the bar we went to. After this, I'll be watching "Inglorious Basterds" and post my review later.

My colleague, Jem, celebrated her birthday party in Mugen Bar in Metrowalk in Pasig City last March 7. I was at first hesitant to join my friends because I will be having a hard time haggling with my wife about what time I'll be at home and others.

I felt guilty because she'll be home alone. So after the negotiations, we both agreed that I'll be back home after 3 hours. I let her sleep first then I hit the showers and went to the location.

Mugen Bar. I arrived at the venue early and looked for my friends. Luckily, some of them are already there including Jem, Sarah and TL Abbey and others. So I sat with them and set my mood on a relaxed mode on the nice sofa and lighted a cigarette. I looked around to scan the place.

There were already some people chatting and drinking with their friends. The DJ was busy with his mixes of club music. Waiters and other staffs are also busy serving the other customers. The elevated stage has the musical equipment neatly arranged and the bar are full of whiskeys and wines to boast their customers. Good setup and interiors.

I got myself a bottle of beer and anticipated the night's performing band, K24/7. And after almost 2 hours of waiting they started to play. But my wait went for naught after hearing the first three songs they played.

I don't know if its just me or they really not a good band. No offense meant to Charlie but I was not impressed with the band. They were only saved when former South Border vocalist Duncan Ramos gave in to the band's request to jam with them. He sang two of Michael Jackson's songs "She's Out of My Life" and another one that I forgot the title.

Verdict. Food and beers are served in timely manner. The place is comfortable enough. Although it was a Sunday, the place is jam-packed with customers. The restrooms are clean but too small. Mugen Bar is a good place to hang out when you want to watch and enjoy live music. Although I was not impressed by the band, the place is still nice to relax and have fun with friends.

Again happy birthday Jem!!! Here's our gift to you...

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Mugen Bar and Restaurant
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A Short Gimmick Night Experience A Short Gimmick Night Experience Reviewed by Stone-Cold Angel on 6:00 AM Rating: 5
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