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Admit it, women doesn't care about the looks and other physical attributes of the opposite sex anymore. There is a point in their time that they will look for either the inner personality or financial status of a man than his physical hunkiness.

Actually, this observation of mine has already been playing in my mind every time one of my favorite actresses (those I got crush on... alright those I fantasize. Happy???) gets pregnant or decides to tie the knot. In this case, Roxanne Guinoo. So before she gets her tummy blow up... I created a page for her.

Roxanne Guinoo

Born as a Caviteña, she won as the 2nd Runner Up for Star Circle Batch 2004. She was paired with Joross Gamboa for several movies like "Now That I Have You", "Can This Be Love", and "D' Anothers" among others. She also endorsed several products and one of those will be the controversial whiskey brand which she bared her body wearing red bikinis while riding a white horse. It launched her career and starred on her own soap entitled "Ligaw Na Bulaklak".

For Roxanne Guinoo, who's been involved with several hunks in show business in the past (I just let them have her), its time. Time to have a baby and settle down. She is now pregnant and planning to get married with her long time boyfriend named Angelo (close to my name... huh?).

I always liked her smile and heavenly face. Her face resembles another actress Sandy Andolong. When she bared it all, I immediately scoured the internet to find some uploaded pictures of her billboard. "Sus Ginoo!!!", I blurted out while I drooled over her pictures I found from a forum. Although not having the curves, she has this striking smile and naive face that make any son of Adam lured to her and obey her every command.

I guess some men are just lucky in life. I just wonder if its really the personality or financial security is the key to have a woman like Roxanne Guinoo as a wife? What do you think, guys?

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