Nine Things I Want to Have in 2010

2010 Wishlist

Actually, I can't think of a good introduction for this post except that I am always a fan of gadgets and other inventions that would make people lives easier and fun. When I pass by the electronics section of Galleria (Lower Ground Floor) on my way home, I always drool over the cool gadgets and electronics displayed.

I sometimes think what if I rob those cool gadgets, I will play my brains out with them all the time. Of course, I wouldn't do that and be jailed for it. Despite the fact that I am just a regular person with a job and cannot afford all of them... I still know what I want and need.

So I just created this post to share you my gadgets I want and need for 2010. I know that I cannot have all of them because of my status (I'm married) and financial obligations, still I can't keep my eyes out of them. Here they are in random order...

Apple iPhone. I have Sonja (Sony Ericsson k770i) as my phone but I can't resist the beauty of the iPhone. If I have a chance of having one, I would be able to save music, video, games, make a call, text, appointments, to-dos and other applications that I consider to be helpful for me.

Imagine, an all-in-one package built into one phone. I don't care if its 2G, 3G or 3Gs as long as it has at least 8Gig of memory, a working camera and applications I need to effectively enjoy my digital life. Runner up is the Nexus One.

Sony Playstation Portable. I am a person who easily get bored. I want this to play some games and surf the internet. At least if my wife decided to keep me waiting for her, I have something to keep myself busy... other than keep scores on sexy ladies passing by. Joke!

Nikon D40 with Lens. I wanted to learn photography and how to get good shots. Although I have Nikole (my Nikon Coolpix 5700) already... still I can't figure out what's wrong with my shots. Nikole's been good and shoots good pictures for me but still I can't let go of the fact that she's old already.

Maybe a few more thousand shots and she'll retire. Nikon D40 is the cheapest that I can afford and get. At an average price ranging from 15k to 20k pesos in Hidalgo (camera mecca of the Philippines) , its the affordable camera for me. Of course I can consider Canon or Sony if finances allows it but I am comfortable with Nikon's settings.

Graphic Tablet. This one is not really a necessity since I'm no graphic artist. But it would be cool to have one so that I can easily edit some pictures and get my handwriting and drawings captured digitally. I would love to have those tablets from Wacom but I can settle for those being sold at CDR King.

32" LCD TV. I would love to watch movies on a wide screen. I would prefer much larger TV but this would do. Those I would think that I can afford are from LG, Ganzklar, Pensonic and Changchong, but of course Sony is still the best for me.

DVD Player with 5.1 Speakers. This one would never be taken for granted. Since I love to watch movies and I have a lot of movies in my collection, I tend to watch them all over again. As long as it will not be disc-selective, its perfect for me. For the speakers, I prefer to have a surround sound as if I'm in a theater. I prefer Pioneer, Pensonic and Promac for the player and Bose speakers.

1Tb or more HDD. I download and save a lot of files especially porn... joke! I mean I need to save and back up my files and not concerned of storage size. I have already a 500Gb external HDD (which I plan to sell for financial reasons) and I got a 115Gb and 120Gb HDD's for Macky Girl but still I think that it is not enough. Macky Girl cannot read those large HDD that is why I also need the next item...

PCI/Sata Card and Memory Modules for my Powermac G4. Macky Girl is almost 10 years old and she's already not coping up with the technology. Although still reliable, I know she will retire soon. I need to pimp her up and make her new again. I need to expand her capability and speed with these and come up with a faster and dependable Mac for years to come. By the way, I have a hard time finding the card without going overseas.

Apple's Mac Air. Although I need a laptop that would support Windows's applications, I would still prefer a Mac than Windows based computer. I'm glad to know that it can now handle both OS through Boot Camp.

Pricey as it is... there is an unforeseen future for me to have this one. At least I have Macky Girl and I hope she still stays with me for the next years (I hope.). For now, I can wish for at least a cheap P3 laptop.

So there you go... my list of gadgets I need for 2010. If I get lucky (winning the lottery even though I don't play it... hehehe!) or somebody will be gracious enough to give me these, I would kiss their asses and praise them for their generosity(Joke!).

Of course, I would work hard to get these items. I know some of you would think of me as a materialistic person... but I prefer to think of me as a Dreamer. If I have money to spend for it, why not?!


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