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I did not go home early today... Why??? I felt I need to spend some time alone to think about what's going on with my relationship. But I don't want to talk about it here.

Anyways, I happened to kill time at my favorite mall (Galleria). And I was looking for the place that we used to hang out... Video Arcades!

Flashback... I remember when we were in college, we used to skip classes just to hang out and play video games to kill time. There were also a time when we opened the mall at 10 AM and go home at closing time at about 9 PM just to hang out in the mall.

We used to play different arcade games like fighting, adventure and sports games to waste time. The tokens were sold for 5 pesos and we would play a game for almost two hours. Sometimes we switch players so that we could stretch out our money.

Sometimes a challenger comes in unexpectedly to test your manhood but at the end of the day we were just having fun.

Present. I was looking for those kind of games to at least ease up my burden but I was unable to find them. There are new games already and I don't know how to play them anymore. I tried a new game but I was clobbered by the computer. I said "I am not going to throw my money anymore!"

For my post today I would list down the nine video arcade games I played way back in my college days. And I finished almost all of them for one token only. Swear! Fine! Don't believe it! Here they are in random order...

Puzzle Bobble. Also called Bust-A-Move... balls that are arranged difficultly are to be eliminated before time runs out. Three balls of the same color pops. Balls that bounce, stick together and comes in different colors... just like men's balls are. Joke!

X-Men The Arcade. A side scrolling video game that involves the most popular mutant group in comics... The X-Men. Wolverine, Cyclops, Colossus, Storm, Nightcrawler and Dazzler have to beat enemies and finish off Magneto. I was one of a team of four that finished the game in one seating.

Although we need to drop more tokens as our characters die, our aim was to finish the game. Period. Can't do it all by yourself. Nuff said!

Metal Slug I and II. I finished Metal Slug I in one sitting. That is because I just replaced the player that was almost done with the game. I just continued where he left off (cheater!). As the level goes up it gets harder and harder. I was unable to finish Metal Slug II but reached level 6 and almost finished it.. but I failed.

I liked the prisoners here that shoot fireballs and when your player chomped foods given by the prisoners they get fat. Nice graphics and story.

Run n' Gun I and II. A classic! In its first version it was a cartoon like interface. I used to play the Phoenix team and it resembles the Suns team with Charles Barkley at PF position. For the second version, its already shown in CGI and my team here are Orlando and Indiana. Best played for alley-oops, double clutch and slam dunk plays. A good game and worth the token!

X-Men Vs. Street Fighter. A tag team fighting game that would test your fighting skills... and your manhood (whenever another player challenges you). Lots of combos and super-combos to make the game much exciting. I played Ryu and Wolverine for this game and every once in a while choose Akuma to do cool finishing moves.

Basketball Shooting Range. To improve my shooting range in a basketball game (I play in basketball leagues at our barangay... in my dreams! hahaha!), I play this game. I also earned some tickets to exchange for some cool stuffs. For 60 seconds, you have to outscore the highest point scored in that hoop. Good physical game!

King of Fighters '98. Harder to execute super combos than its predecessor and much more characters to choose from, KoF '98 did not failed me in my expectations. My favorite characters are Iori, Blue Mary, Clark and the very sexy Shermie. I play this game to release my anger and have fun also.

Street Fighter II. The original fighting game. Although poor in graphics but this was the game that made arcade games popular. I used to play Guile here but I was unable to execute the "handcuffs" (a technique that render your opponent frozen). I also liked to play Ryu and Ken and I don't even know what "hadouken" means. I only shout "Hadouken!!!" whenever I sneeze. Try it.

King of Fighters '97. The game that got me hooked up to arcade games. So many combos to do and cool finishing moves to do. I also like the game for having a story and endings that made it interesting to finish. There are also codes to do to make some characters evil. My Cool and favorite characters here are Iori (Evil and Normal), Clark, Blue Mary, Benimaru and Evil Chris.

I know many of you had times with the arcade. Tell me your favorite games that I might have played also. Cheer for Manny Pacquiao. Thanks for reading my posts and happy blogging weekend!


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