Magnificent Movie!

Only a few Filipino movies impresses me and most of them are done by indie filmmakers. I mean I also appreciate movies done commercially but I prefer those done by people that are not blinded by money.

You see, there are others that make movies just for the profit and not the story they share to viewers. They all care about the money. In my post today, I would gladly share with you the greatest movie that I watched, so far, done by a Filipino... Magnifico.

Magnifico. Led by Jiro Manio (Magnifico or Ikoy), is a story of a boy's hope and perseverance to overcome life's adversities. A boy that thinks of others first before himself. Having had several problems in life like how to make his sister (suffering from cerebral palsy) happy, his parents suffering from poverty and others that led him to make simple but marvelous things happen.

Given with a good heart and big spirit, he creates joy and transforms lives for the better. Until he got hit by a bus and died.

Verdict. I have a confession to make. This is the only Filipino movie that makes me cry every time I have a chance to see it. Whenever I see the scene wherein he piggybacks his sister and let her experience the rides in the carnival, I can't help my tears roll down from my eyes.

In his young age, he relentlessly stress himself in order to provide and give happiness to his family and friends, in his own simple way. Whatever the adversities are, his goal is to make someone happy. Its hard to find people like Magnifico nowadays and I'm sure if there is one, I would definitely vote for him as president this coming election.

To Jiro Manio, Mario J. delos Reyes (Director) and all the cast and crew of this awesome movie, kudos to you all! I will make sure I'll get myself an original copy of your movie "Magnifico". It is a magnificent movie!!!

For more info about the "Magnifico" movie, click here.


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