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Last November of 2009, my colleagues and I celebrated TL Abbey's birthday at Enchanted Kingdom. I thought that this event would erase, or at least take my mind off from the hassles and troubles we experienced last September. My wife and I decide to tag along with my colleagues to enjoy the rides and just plainly have fun. Anyway, its a good venue for photography.

By the way, September 26, 2009 was suppose to be my wedding day but Ondoy crashed in uninvited. I'll tell you more of it on my next posts.

So we arrived late at the meeting place. Its not really very late because its just a few minutes from the scheduled time. But I received a call before we arrive at the location that our van had been towed. WTF?! Why???

The van was parked illegally while waiting for us. F*ck! So we decided to just rent another van right there and asked the driver to get us to Enchanted Kingdom. After a few haggling, off we go.

Enchanted Kingdom. Located in Sta. Rosa, Laguna, Enchanted Kingdom is a theme park and a heavenly place for kids and kids-at-heart. With 17 hectares of rides, food and fun-filled adventure to keep you busy for a day. Rides like the Space Shuttle, Anchors Away and Wheel of Fate will make your guts or balls climb up your neck.

Log Jam and Rio Grande Rapids will splash you with water. There are a lot of attractions here that would make the children go and enjoy the rides. You need to stay at least up to 8PM so that you can witness the Fireworks Display.

Foods inside are quite pricey but you can bring your own. You just need to eat it outside the premise. For more information about Enchanted Kingdom, click here.

Verdict. Enchanted Kingdom is not your usual carnival. Other carnivals let you ride the Octupus or the Ferris Wheel with a doubt that these rides might stall. Although, there are history of rides that are stalling here but I'm sure they are safe.

The first time I was here, I boarded the Space Shuttle and hell I screamed my lungs out (with a low monotonous pitch). I also enjoyed Log Jam, Wheel of Fate (a giant Ferris' Wheel), Anchors Away, Flying Fiesta (Wave Swinger) and the other attractions. For an entrance fee of almost 500 pesos, its not bad to enjoy and go back being a child.

Going back to my story, my wife and I spent the time talking and bonding with a few attractions in Enchanted Kingdom. We went to watch "Journey to the Center of the Earth" in a 4D Film Theater. I was amazed by the effects and splashing of water to my face when the character was being splashed.

We ate and took some pictures in the area. When we got tired, we sat beside the go-kart racetrack. Then the fireworks display, I was anticipating it for I could try my shutter to get good pictures of fireworks. I was disappointed because I didn't know what to do or how to set Nikole to catch the display. To release my dismay, we went on to ride Bump Cars twice then we went to fall in line for the last ride -- Rio Grande Rapids

We left our cellphones and Nikole in a locker that we rented for 75 pesos so that it won't get wet. We enjoyed the ride not knowing that we were being contacted by my colleagues and they already left us. Too bad for us. So we took a van going back to Manila and a cab home.

Moral Lesson -- stay in touch and never leave your cellphone.

For my Enchanted Kingdom set of pictures, click here.

Thanks to the people that made us experience the fun of being a kid again even just for a while, Jem, Charlie, Sarah, Jam, Bless, Arman, TL Abbey, Mazi, Gee, Joan, Kai and her daughter LJ. I hope that we can do this again.

Thanks also to Pablong Pabling for the comment on the last post.

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