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When I was in first or second year college, Titillating Films are rampant. I recalled that I skipped my ROTC training just to watch "Machete 2" starring Rosanna Roces. I just turned 18 then and was exploring the world as an adult. And this is a chance that I have been waiting for.

So my friend and I went in a cinema in Monumento at about 11 AM. We watched it and noticed that we were just a few watching the film. We watched the film sometimes laughing and sometimes getting a stiff when titillating scenes are shown.

And after watching it, it was the start of my lust for more of these kinds of films. And as I anticipated every TF movie, I noticed one particular woman that stands out from all of them and I knew from then on that she was my fantasy...

Joyce Jimenez

Born as Joyce Reintegrado, is a sexy actress who starred in various Rated R movies in the Philippines. Her name rose to stardom by starring in the Erik Matti movie "Scorpio Nights 2" opposite Albert Martinez. From then on she was tagged as "Pantasya Ng Bayan" with her looks and sex appeal.

Her other movies include "Warat", "Linlang", and "Biyaheng Langit" among others. She also delve into T.V. programs like "Nuts Entertainment" and "Lupin". Joyce Jimenez is now married to a Filipino-American and five months ago had given birth to a baby girl.

Her innocent-looking face together with a nice looking body makes her the perfect fantasy for me. I am not really into ladies that has whiter complexion and her tan is just perfect for her. When I am watching her luscious lips and her body gyrate in her movies, I can't help imagining that... she is with me (silly!).

I had the chance bump elbows with her a few years back and even had a photo with her on my cellphone. Unfortunately, that phone had been lost. I even bought her magazine "Private Joyce" just to look at her pretty face(???). Even if she's married and having a kid now, she's still my fantasy.

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