Decade of Love and Happiness

10th Anniversary

March 9 2000 was a very memorable date for me. It was the day that a girl named Shane uttered the most precious word that I was asking her... "Yes!" From then on we were inseparable. And just last year I committed myself to her to love and cherish her for the rest of my life.

And this day would be our Tenth Year Anniversary. I wanted to give her a dinner date or flowers or a cake but I'm broke. Although the budget is tight, I hope my gift to the most beautiful woman in my life... will be appreciated.

I was planning to create a slideshow of our pictures but Macky Girl and the connection is not in the mood to work with me so I decided to just create a picture card. I'll just create the slideshow later.

I received a greeting card from my wife as a gift way back in one of our "monthsaries" and I was touched by the message that the card contains. The message is just right for us since differences are inevitable in a relationship.

We often disagree on some things. We say and do things that would hurt either/or the both of us. We had our ups and downs but still we hang to each other because of the love that we share.

"No couple gets along perfectly.. all the time. But I think... we do pretty well!"

To my bestfriend, BABIE and wife... "MAHAL NA MAHAL KITA at ikaw lang ang mamahalin ko hanggang sa kabilang buhay!"


Credits to the original uploader/s of the picture/s shown on this post.
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