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Team Building Adventure

Last February 20, my colleagues together with some of our partners in life spent the day roaming around Tagaytay City. We thought and planned for it for weeks already but it never went to completion since we have different schedules and commitments. We said that this time its going to happen. And that day was awesome indeed.

My wife and I came in late due to some preparation we did before we left the house. Although late, still the van hasn't arrived yet. My team are already there and already anticipating the trip ahead.

As soon as the van arrived, we hit the road going to our destination. The trip was very smooth since we traveled early morning and traffic was still light. Although were planning to catch the sunrise, we failed take a glimpse of it because its very cloudy and fog (or should I say smog) was thick.

First stop... Green Ats Bulalohan. Although we already went here before, its still nice to come back here to satisfy our bellies. I kept myself busy with Nikole and took some pictures while we were waiting for our food to be served. As always, the food is well done that satisfied our empty stomachs. You can also read my previous review here.

Next stop... Caleruega. My cousins introduced this place to me way back in the past. And I have always wanted to go back here. When we arrived, I eagerly took pictures of the place so that I can post them here.

Unfortunately, Nikole wasn't cooperative that time. My shots were either overexposed or underexposed. Of course, that was my fault. Anyway, I was still able took some good pictures and enjoyed the place together with my wife and the rest of the team. It was a tiring, uphill and downhill walk from the entrance.

We first ventured the fields where we enjoyed the luscious trees and garden. They were overflowing with herbs and different flowers. The footbridges over the plants and landscapes are well engineered to show visitors the beauty of the place. We rested in one of the campsites there and after that we went to the church up on the hill.

It was the dream wedding church for every couple. Although small, but very isolated and unique in its beauty. That is why Caleruega's calendar is always full. Its beauty and location takes you closer to GOD and ask for His blessings.

After the tiring visit, we cooked and ate our lunch in our colleagues place there. We were so tired and hungry that after the meal was cooked, it was a disaster. Its like the food was washed away by a hurricane. Thanks to our cooks and runners that volunteered and prepared everything for the team.

Last stop... Picnic Grove. The sun was striking hot at about 1:30PM when we arrived at the Picnic Grove. Its a Saturday, but we were unaware that there will be a lot of people there. I was planning to experience the Zipline here but due to high cost and low pocket money, I postponed it.

I said to myself that I will still experience ziplining in the future. I took some more pictures with Nikole but some of them were really overexposed. I know its my fault because I had set it in the wrong settings. We also played some games like "Picture It!", "Hula Hoop Race", plus the ever popular... "Charades" and "Pinoy Genius" late in the afternoon. After that we went back to our van and went straight home.

It seems that every employee needs at least a good getaway every month to relieve himself from stress and pressures from work. We on the other hand needed it more since we answer calls everyday from customers that don't know what to do.

Although simple as it may seem, but its very hard to take in negative energies and convert it back to positive outcomes. We as call center agents are not spared from this. This is a great and easy way to ease our lives.

So every time you have a chance to getaway from the busy and stressful life you have, go on and pamper yourselves with these kinds of experiences. Life is short, experience everything. Together with my wife, we enjoyed the experience and lust for more.

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