The Return of Stone-Cold Angel!!!

Back Again!

After a brief hiatus from the blogging scene, Stone-Cold Angel is back to give you interesting articles once again. Its been almost nine months since I have written my last article in my blog. Many things happened during those months that made me miss blogging.

As for my first article, I thought that I would write about the bad things that happened to me for the past several months. But I thought twice... three times, several times even.

And then I decided for one thing. I would just keep it to myself and learn from those things. Although most of them are quite painful to reminisce but still its an experience.

As for this blog page, I kinda thought of renewing the format of it. I couldn't help it. Many things and thoughts are coming to my mind and most of it would be how I could make things better for this site.

For now, let's just keep it this way. But I'll be more anxious to post more blogs here in the coming days. So let's keep our heads up and look forward for a new and bright future.

Thanks to all of you who keep on visiting and checking my site.


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