Marriage: Happily Or Stressful Ever After?

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As we (me and my fiancee) prepare ourselves to have our grand-tie-of-the-knot, I can't help myself thinking if we were doing the right decisions of our lives. Of course, every man and every woman dreams of getting married to their special someone.

We, on the other hand, had promised each other that we will love each other no matter what until the end of time (very cheesy!). But as the wedding date comes to a close, there are several stressful situations that we can't ignore. And every day I am in pain and thinking for me just to bail out.

Parents. Both parties. Its really hard to please them especially on a traditional wedding. It has to be grand. It has to be special for both families. All relatives must be invited. But we say, we can't afford the luxury of having a grandiose wedding.

If we will be asked, we tend not to marry. Why? What if something goes wrong along the marriage? Its very expensive to file a case of annulment than to get married. We stay as we are, having the best of our relationship.

But still we dream more than that. We don't want our children not to have a big happy family. I can't help think that my family is abandoning me on this special occasion.

Expenses. This is the main reason we have moved our marriage year after year. Unexpected things tend to come that your saved money will be used and before we knew it, its gone.

We are better off this way, living together. Nobody wants to help us on this because neither party said that they have the money to help us on this.

Requirements. License, seminars and other commitments are of course are a hassle if you're working in a call center industry. You need to attend these because if not, the marriage will not going to push through. WTF!?! That's BS!

But still we need to abide. Its the tradition. And of course ther are other things unforeseen for now that may arise in planning and the event itself.

In the traditional marriage, there are many things that you need to consider. But whatever it is, it is always important that you know for yourself that you'll marry the woman/man that you want to spend your life with.

Be it you'll get married with a judge or a priest, its still your commitment and word of honor that will be held to be responsible with the wedding matrimony. Its not a joke. As for ourselves, we will gonna push through with this no matter what.

Just writing this to give myself a morale boost to overcome these things before and after the wedding event.


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