2009 NBA World Championship Results

Los Angeles Lakers

I stopped being a Laker fan when Kobe Bryant entered the franchise and wore number 24. I mean I can still be a fan of the Lakers if they threw Kobe to another team. I'm sorry but I really don't like the guy.

I mean, why would Kobe think that he could surpass the greatness of "The Greatest Basketball Player of All Time, His Airness Michael Jordan", by wearing number 24 on his jersey. I respect Kobe's skills and the least he could do is to respect Jordan. And we all know Kobe's moves, skills and style came from His Airness.

But nonetheless, I congratulate the team and not the player.

The Playoffs. I wished that L.A. would be eliminated either on the first or second round. But it seems that this team is so strong that it ended up in the Finals knocking out Denver Nuggets to win the Western Conference Finals.

In the East, I was hoping that the Boston Celtics would live up to the challenge of beating the Lakers again. But Kevin Garnett got injured early on and had to succumb to Orlando Magic young guns. When the Eastern Conference Finals was played,

I was hoping of a Cavaliers vs. Lakers Finals rather than Magic vs. Lakers for a good match up between Lebron James and Kobe Bryant. But still "The Superman" Dwight Howard and the rest of Orlando Magic together with their coach Stan Van Gundy(resembles Ron Jeremy according to Gian), stopped the King and flew to L.A. to challenge the Lakers.

The Finals. I favored the underdog on this match up. After seeing how the Magic dismantled the Cavaliers, it seems that this team has what it takes to overthrow another big team.

But my expectations were not met when they lost Game 2 in OT. If Curtis Lee had only sanked that alley hoop basket, it would have been a tremendous boost for Orlando to make this series more exciting. After making wrong crucial decisions, playing the wrong play, turning the ball over and not making crucial free throws are lessons that the young Magic need to learn from now on.

Another mistake was not fouling Derek Fisher on that dying seconds of the fourth quarter on Game 4. Fisher sank a three pointer and tied the ball game and ended later in a Laker win in OT. Although the efforts are there, but Rashard Lewis, Mickael Pietros, Hedo Turkoglu and Dwight Howard and the rest of the team along with their coach Stan Van Gundy, are still young to outplay a championship team like the Lakers.

The Lakers. I congratulate the Los Angeles Lakers team and franchise. They deserve The Ring they long awaited. Their efforts has been rewarded by the determination and hardwork. A deserving victory and lots of loss to those who bet for the underdog(do you need help on finishing those 2 cases of beer you won, Jhomer?).

Not sure though that they can defend their title next season for some key players are going to be healthy and determined to grab the crown. Congratulations again to the Los Angeles Lakers, the 2009 NBA World Champions!

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