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I was at work when I learned from a colleague that The King Of Pop Michael Jackson is already dead. I hurriedly finished my cigarette and went up to confirm the death on the internet. To confirm it, at around 2:26 PM PDT at the UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles California, Michael Jackson died of cardiac arrest before even reaching the said hospital.

The pop icon gave us several hits that made pop music hit popularity. I was one of those kids that grew up liking his music. But now that he's gone, let's look back at his top nine legacies that he left us.

The King Of Pop
Michael Joseph Jackson
1958 - 2009

Jackson 5. He was first publicly known as the boy that leads the group and this was the start of his career. His four older brothers comprises the group and he sings number one hits like "I Want You Back", "ABC" and "I'll Be There".
Dance Moves. His electrifying dance moves like the crotch-grabbing dance move and the moonwalk as well as other moves that only Jacko can perform is really one of a kind. His dancing prowess is very energetic and electrifying that anyone could be amazed. And he also sings while dancing and that's very difficult. A one man performer.

Fashion. His sense of fashion is an indication that he has his own sense of style. His single sequined white glove, military style jacket and aviator sunglasses are what he wears whenever he goes public.

When he performs, still the glove, white socks and pants that are just above his heel. We used to joke around ourselves if we wore those kind of pants way back in high school. But it made him famous.

Neverland Ranch. Jacko purchased 2700-acre land in March 1988 to make it a theme park for himself. Composed of Ferris wheels, menagerie and a movie theater so that he could live his boyish dreams.

He once said that he is still a boy, he wanted to be Peter Pan, the boy that doesn't want to grow old. Who would want to grow old? This place near Santa Ynez, California is now worth $100 million.

Marriage. With his short marriage with the daughter of Elvis Presley, Lisa Marie, Jacko united two of music's biggest names. Although their marriage did not bore a child, another marriage gave him two sons from Debbie Rowe. After their divorce and up until he died, he was alone with his sons.

Concert. I remembered when he held his concert here in the Philippines, media and the hypocrite religious people tried to stop his performance. I say it was music, for whatever their reason set it aside and let the man perform.

I was unable to attend due to financial reasons but if I could turn back time, I would have watched whatever the odds were.

Cosmetic Surgeries. His skin illness of vitiligo was his main reason that he had done several cosmetic surgery. It made his physical appearance paler, more like a living zombie. But some sources said that he was addicted to cosmetic surgery. Whatever the reason, is for him alone to keep.

Scandals. Several of it. Molestation, pedophilia and child sexual abuse to name a few of his accusations from almost unknown people. Even if this was true or not, this made a large impact to Jacko's life making him miserable and lost of his financial controls. In July he was about to perform on a series of concert that would made his comeback. Sad to say its not going to push through anymore.

Music. Of course his number one legacy will be his contribution to the music industry. Michael Jackson still holds the record the best-selling album of all time "Thriller" with an estimated 50 million copies sold worldwide. My favorite album was "Dangerous" and my favorite single was "Black or White". 

This is my tribute to Michael Jackson. He made music influenced the lives of billions of people worldwide. I don't care about his imperfections and ever-changing looks and appearance. I just care about the man and his music. His untimely death will be deeply mourned and his memories will live with us in our hearts.

Thanks to the King Of Pop! May you rest in peace.

Condolences also to the family of Charlie's Angels star and actress Farah Fawcett who died earlier battling anal cancer.

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