Drag Me to Hell

Boring As Hell

My fiancee got free movie passes for two and decided to spend it last June 10. And on that day too, there was a rally against constitutional change that will be held in the location where we can choose a good movie. We have to abort that location and look for some other movie theaters that are far from the assembly.

So we ended up in one of the remote locations where we can choose only five movies to watch that day. The passes is going to expire the next day anyway so we picked a good horror movie. Drag Me To Hell... Since it was directed by Sam Raimi (Army of Darkness, Spiderman 3), we thought its a good scare movie but...

Drag Me To Hell. The ambition of a young girl to be promoted as assistant manager of a bank has been jeopardized after she did not grant a request from an old woman. Fighting to save her life before she gets taken to hell by the demon Lama, she did things to prevent that from happening. After a series of incantations and spells she gave the wrong item to the dead old woman to reverse the curse.

Verdict. Sam Raimi, is one of my favorite directors when it comes to comedy horror flicks. He has made very impressive works on "Night Of The Living Dead" and "Army Of Darkness" starring Bruce Campbell. He also made a good job on Spiderman 3. But how come he fails on this one.

I thought he can come up with the gore and comedy that made him famous on his past movies. This totally is way out of his talent. Although there is the gore and funny scenes that make horror fun, still it did not satisfy the audience including me and my fiancee.

Not recommended if your gonna pay for the tickets. At least we saved 200 bucks on this. I should've spent it on a DVD copy of One Litre Of Tears.

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Drag Me To Hell
Rating: Fair


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