Soundcheck: The Live Recordings Album Review

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I have always been a fan of rock music. Especially live performances and concerts. I love the thrill and excitement of seeing my favorite bands play in front of my eyes. I get to see them how well they show their talents in front of so many people and slam into the mosh pit.

I miss those times that I have to sneak out of the house and just watch bands perform. I also watched underground concerts and gigs that are held in the deepest jungles of Manila. Now, I'm just contented with watching them in bars or on TV.

But here's an album that would take me in like I'm in a live concert and most of them are my favorite bands also. Listen and enjoy it... live!

Soundcheck: The Live Recordings

Four bands... one album. Featuring the hottest bands way back in the early 2000, Wolfgang, DaPulis, Razorback and Greyhoundz. Still they are icons of the rock music scene but these bands gave meaning to the word heavy rock. 

The album starts with four heavy songs from Wolfgang, "Beast", "Molds", "Mata Ng Diyos", "Arise 2000" and "Tulisan". The comical and funny band DaPulis led by Gabe Mercado made their presence felt also with songs "Walang Girlfriend", "Magic Woman" and "T@e".

Blues rock band Razorback also performed with four songs namely "Paghihintay", "No One", "Payaso" and the beer drinker song "Giyang". The rap metal band Greyhoundz wrapped up the album with their originals "Leech", "Party @ 802", "JacknDaBox" and the popular "Mr. P.I.G." This album was recorded from a label-sponsored concert in Manila last 1999.

Verdict. The album is quite good. The recording is also exemplary to think that live recordings are not being patronized by listeners here in the Philippines. All the bands performed well from that gig and I'm sure those in the crowd enjoyed it, indulging themselves to the live and loud rock music.

Although the DaPulis' performance was somewhat out of place from this gig, still they pulled up a good performance. But some of their lyrics were dubbed because of explicitly vulgar.

Overall, this album should be the start of a good live or bootleg album. I know the review for this album is already too late but hey, I just got this copy recently. Still a few head bangs did not hurt my nape.

Album Review File Number: 0507091414
Various Artists: Soundcheck: The Live Recordings
Rating: Very Good


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