Smokers Wanted!

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Smoking cigarettes is a bad habit I want to quit. Been smoking it for over a decade already and I know that it will eventually get myself killed with it.

I already tried several ways to quit smoking but still I keep on coming back to smoking. My reason for smoking are not so different from other smokers. It relieves me of stress and gave me that satisfying effect after every meal.

I'm sure other smokers like me wants to quit also but are having a hard time too. But as I surf the internet, I came by a website that compliments smokers like me. Furthermore, it sells cigarette that has a battery. What?!

E-Cigarette. A revolutionary product that is already out in the market to replace the traditional cigarette. The electronic cigarette device that gives healthier smoking alternative without worrying about health.

It also reduces the chemicals and carcinogens along with nicotine that you inhale with an ordinary and traditional cigarette. Its easy on the lungs too since it vaporizes nicotine that you inhale and does not cause any second hand smoke. You take in only how much nicotine you want and its environment friendly as well.

Greensmoke. A new e-cigarette device that has all of those characteristics plus more. No tar, No Carcinogens, No Carbon Monoxide and delivers nicotine in a completely clean and odorless vapor.

No need to worry about odor that would be left on your hands, breath or clothes. Comes in six different flavors and has a patented design with only two parts (unlike others with three parts) that which gives smokers freedom to choose. It could also save you a lot of burned money from traditional cigarette smoking and considering saving your life.

But most of all, Greensmoke would make you richer. Want to know how?

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