Pacman Vs Hitman Results


The whole boxing world awaited for this match to come. Fans, enthusiasts, gamblers, betters, advertisers or just local viewers prepared for the anticipated date. Filipinos are excited to watch and be proud again for their pride, Manny Pacquiao would be carrying the hope of the whole Filipino nation by his shoulder to compete against Britain's pride Ricky Hatton.

And now the time has come and everything's set for the greatest fight of the year. The Battle Of The East And West.

The Fight. In the very first round, the audiences roared in applause. England's boxing fans who flew all the way to MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada to support Ricky Hatton was silenced when The Philippine's People's Champ Manny Pacquaio landed a right hook to his face. It made him kiss the canvass.

The Hitman got up and was beaten again by Pacman and landed a left hook to send him to the floor the second time in round one.

The second round was a slugfest. Exchange of punches from both fighters trying to get, if not a knockdown, at least gain some points. But when Pacquiao saw a wide open right face, he immediately threw a fast and strong left hook that landed accurately to Hatton's right jaw.

I saw how Hatton's eyes rolled out and his jaw disaligned from its position. At 2:59 of the second round, Referee Kenny Bayless took a single look on Hatton and declared a knockout. The whole Filipino people rejoiced.

There's no argument, Manny Pacquiao had improved his speed and boxing skills. More faster and stronger killer punch that every boxer should be afraid of. Intimidating but humbled. There's no disputing that Pacquiao is one of the greatest boxers of all time. By the way, 

I like it when Pacman has a fight because there's no crime and traffic is light during his fight. Truly Manny Pacquiao is the Best Pound For Pound King!

Congratulations also to Bernabe Concepcion for beating Columbian Yogli Herrera in one of the undercard fights in The Battle Of East and West. He won by unanimous decision. Again congratulations to both boxers. We're very proud of you!

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