Kamikazee: Wala (Single) Review

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My Team Lead had sent me an overflowing leaked pictures of a wedding. When I took a closer look I found out that it was Kamikazee's vocalist Jay Contreras and Kaye Abad's sister Sarah Jane nuptial rites.

I was baffled of the gothic theme of the wedding and the photography are spectacular. And from looking at it, I was already missing Kamikazee's songs. It had been a long time since the band released an album.

But now, they have released a single to at least give their fans a sneak preview of what's next for them. I luckily downloaded it and let's see how it is.

Wala. A Filipino word for "nothing". A song written to humiliate the current politicians in our country. Its been quite a while that we heard from the quintet of Jay Contreras (vocalist), Jomal Linao (guitars), Led Tuyay (guitars) Jason Astete (bass) and Allan Burdeos (drums). 

But this single definitely told listeners that they're not out of the scene. In these original composition they still showcase their talent to have their own music and not be just stereotyped artists.

Verdict. A good song for every local politicians. I mean its true that after getting elected in one way or another, promises gets blown away. The lyrics are well written as well as members did their job to give uniqueness to the song. 

Their punk music totally reflects their angst against the government. Although comical but still getting straight to the point. I hope they will come up with an album way better than the first one. Job well done, Kamikazee!

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Kamikazee: Wala
Rating: Good / Very Good


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Kamikazee: Wala (Single) Review Kamikazee: Wala (Single) Review Reviewed by Stone-Cold Angel on 2:58 PM Rating: 5
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