The Hunt For Gollum

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I was browsing the internet when I stumbled to this site about a creature named Gollum. He was popularized by his skinny and pale figure in The Lord Of The Rings trilogy. Gollum had made an important role in the war between against Sauron.

Although, there was not a very clear history what Gollum did in those 500 years he held the "Ring of Power", still his character must be justified. From the fans of the Trilogy both movie and book, comes a fictional tale that can only be watched online and for free. The Hunt For Gollum is now showing...

To watch the movie online, Click Here.

The Hunt For Gollum. This story is not in any part found in any of the books in the trilogy. This fictional story has been created by J.R.R. Tolkien fans to give a little twist on the story.

Aragon/The Strider is on the hunt for the whereabouts of the creature named Gollum that would provide men crucial information of the whereabouts of The Ring. After a long journey, he at last found Gollum and brought him back to Gandalf.

But not without encountering Orcs and a RingWraith on the way, who are also looking for Gollum also for the same information. Aragon must face them and bring Gollum with him in order to fulfill his destiny to become King.

Verdict. Not bad for a non profit movie. Or I should say its perfect. A twist in the storyline of the famous JRR Tolkien books would at least give us answers to some question left hanging. Its very original and the way they showed it to people, its not likely that this project will become successful. 

Although they did not the cast as good as the trilogy, still they made exceptional brilliance on this movie. WOW!

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The Hunt For Gollum
Rating: Very Good


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The Hunt For Gollum The Hunt For Gollum Reviewed by Stone-Cold Angel on 9:25 AM Rating: 5
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