Hot Moms For Mother's Day!

Hey Mama!

I got to spend Mother's Day with the closest families I got yesterday. Mine, my fiancee's sister's family and her own family. We ate lunch together first at my soon to be in-laws' house. We ate heartily and when we got home, I get to spend it with my own kin.

After that day, that was so tiring, I retired to sleep with a smile in my face. When I woke up, I found the urge to pay tribute to those Filipina Celebrity Hot Moms and counted my top nine which I haven't featured here yet. So here they are...

Isabel Granada. I always had a crush on her ever since That's Entertainment days. Now that she's all matured now with a family of her own, she still doesn't lose that signature eyebrow and mestiza looks. I just saw her pictorials on Maxim Philippines and she still looks hot!

Donita Rose. The former MTV veejay and actress is still stunningly pretty. Even though she is already a mother, she never fails to mesmerize men with her hosting skills every morning at Umagang Kay Ganda and doing her endorsements. She's still a rockin' hot mom.

Carlene Aguilar. As a beauty queen, they play as mothers to the world. But she already have her own son to attend to. And still she's one of my favorite beauty queens out there. I pity Dennis Trillo for giving up on her.

Ina Raymundo. Most famous of the extreme rated R movies she did, Ina (from Filipino word, mother) is still one of the hot moms out there. Started with the TV Beer commercial and was tagged as the Sabado Nights girl. From then on, she flaunts her sexy body all over the TV and big screen.

Gretchen Barretto. The spoiled mistress of a business tycoon, La Greta is still sexy doing some endorsements and commercials. Though she enhanced her lips making her look like Kuhol, I would never forget those times when I fantasized about her when I was a teenager.

Eula Valdez. Though a late bloomer in the MILF category, Eula is still oozing with sex appeal. Its like she's not aging and growing old. She was more known to the public as Amor Powers in the soap Pangalo Sa'Yo that made her an instant household name. And after a photoshoot with FHM Philippines, indeed she's still a hot mom!

Dawn Zulueta. Never aged a bit and having added a little weight from her skinny figure after giving birth, Dawn is now a perfect wife. With a beautiful face and still sexy body, her son is the most luckiest child for having a mother like that and envy of most men... including me as a wife of a lucky man. A certified hot mom!

Claudine Barretto. Having achieved several accomplishments in her showbiz career, she never forgets herself. Even as a mother to two children, she's still as fresh looking as she was before. Getting hotter even. I would say she almost got the top spot... (because she's my fiancee's fave). Though her figure is now somewhat going to a square, still she's a hot mother.

Dina Bonnevie. The original MILF. And still is after confirming that her daughter already had given birth to her grandchild. Now we must add another category, GILF... Grandmothers I Love to... Fall in love with. I know what you're thinking boys and girls. But not here.

To all mother's in the world, Belated Happy Mother's Day to all of you!!!


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