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Pinay Beauty

Filipinas are one of the beautiful and sexiest people around the world. The natural color of brown adds to their beauty as well as facial features and genes. One woman had caught my eye and I never blinked ever since.

A typical Filipina beauty with the curves that could make Kennon Road ashame. The princess that made her dream come true. Diana Zubiri.

Diana Zubiri. Born as Rosemarie Joy Garcia, is a Filipina actress who was first discovered by Seiko Films in 2000 after applying for work in Japan. She starred on movies like "Itlog", "Bakat" and "Kasiping".

She became more famous when she posed in a red two piece bikini on EDSA-Shaw Flyover in Mandaluyong City for FHM Philippines. This induced a major controversy but was later on withdrawn after a public apology. She is now a regular GMA Network artist and was cast in several tele-novelas like "Encantadia", "Etheria", "Asian Treasures" and "Zaido". She is also regularly seen in Bubble Gang, a sketch comedy program on the same network.

Diana Zubiri has this appealing smile that could melt even the most raging of heart. Her sex appeal is oozing all through her natural sexy body and also one of the actresses that didn't made any cosmetic surgery to enhance her body. Her inborn physical attributes together with her down to earth character are what amazes me.

I remembered one time that I asked her autograph and she was not a snob and gladly signed my magazine. With this personality, I'm sure she can go all the way in showbiz.

For more information about Diana Zubiri, Click Here and here.


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