Wrestlemania XXV: Results

And That's The Bottomline

I always wanted to watch this momentous event in the sports entertainment every year. Either live or on T.V., I want to see and watch my favorite WWE superstars compete and dramatize the event. When our local cable operator had ceased the inclusion of JackTV on their channel lineup... I missed watching Raw and Smackdown episodes.

And now, JackTV had offered to screen the most important event in WWE... Wrestlemania XXV which happened in Houston, Texas. I need to watch this so I scanned the internet and the T.V. but to no avail.

Still I'm an optimist to watch it on a later date. Luckily there's to update us with what's happening in real time. And here's some highlights of the said event.

Hall Of Fame. Stone Cold Steve Austin led the WWE's Hall Of Fame Class of 2009. Of course he's my favorite WWE superstar (isn't it obvious?!) and I salute him on being inducted into the Hall Of Fame. He did lift up WWE audiences to the next level.

According to Vince McMahon, Chairman and CEO of WWE, that Stone-Cold Steve Austin is "Greatest Superstar in WWE History" and I agree with him. Other superstars inducted to the said event were Bobo Brazil, Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat, The Funks, Bill Watts, Von Erichs and ring announcer Howard Finkel.

Wrestlemania. There are a lot of matches that composed the said event. Some of them were boring for me but some went beyond my expectations. For those who missed the said event. Here are the results:

  • WWE Tag Team Champions Carlito and Primo defeated WWE World Tag Team Champions John Morisson and The Miz
  • "Santina" Marella wins 25-Diva Battle Royal for the title "Miss Wrestlemania"
  • Rey Mysterio defeated JBL for the WWE Intercontinental Champion
  • Matt Hardy defeated Jeff Hardy
  • Chris Jericho defeated WWE Legends Ricky Steamboat, Roddy Piper and Jimmy Snuka
  • CM Punk wins Money In The Bank Ladder Match

Highlights. Undertaker's Wretlemania winning streak is on 17-0 after defeating Shawn Michaels with his signature move "Tombstone Piledriver". Its also the first time that the Deadman defeated HBK. Even though Michaels used his stamina, confidence and devotion to make the Undertaker's clean record dirty at Wrestlemania... its not enough to put the Deadman rest in peace.

John Cena reclaims his gold and emerged as the winner against The Big Show and Edge in a Triple Threat Match. Although my likeness to The Champ weakens by the years, he proved to me that he's still an icon in WWE. From his attributes... hustle, loyalty and respect, Cena certainly worked hard to be an icon as the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Triple H retained his WWE Champinship belt against Randy Orton. This is the first time in years that the winner of the Royal Rumble did not took the championship belt home. Although I favor Orton to win the said match but my favorite Triple H emerges the better man. Orton is the next big thing but he needs to get the audiences sympathy to have his time of reign. 

The King still has that charisma to please the audience although aging through the years. But not this time... Triple H proved he's still The Game and for Randy Orton... its game over!

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