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I used to play the guitar before when I was in my early college days. When my father bought me an electric guitar, I already jumped into playing hard music. One of them was playing songs from the great thrash metal band, Metallica.

Even way back I already enjoyed their music dreaming that I could play their songs and master it. But my passion in playing guitar faded away and didn't had time to play it anymore because of some other activities. But I still listen to one of my favorite thrash metal band... Metallica.

Metallica. Formed in 1981 at Los Angeles California. Originally has James Hetfield on guitars, Cliff Burton on bass, Lars Ulrich on drums and Dave Mustaine on lead guitars. But due to Mustaine's drug and alcohol abuse and also violent behavior, they replaced him. Kirk Hammett filled in the chores and Metallica went on to release their first studio album "Kill 'Em All".

They went on to release two more albums "Ride The Lightning" and "Master Of Puppets" before Burton died due to a tour bus accident. Immediately after Burton's death they got Jason Newsted as his replacement so that the band could move on.

They went on to release four more albums with this current line up "...And Justice For All", "Metallica" or the Black album, "Load" and "Reload" along with some EP like "Garage Days Re-revisited", "Live Shit: Binge & Purge" and the highly acclaimed "S&M" which featured them playing with The San Francisco Symphony Orchestra

Newsted left the band in 2001 and replaced him with Robert Trujillo formerly with Suicidal Tendencies. They again released two more albums "St. Anger" and "Death Magnetic". They also won several Grammy's for their music although had been through a law suit against Napster. Still they are the Gods of Thrash Metal and we still don't know when they'll quit.

Metallica is the first influential band I had been following since high school. I learned the first five songs from the Black album after a friend lent me his copy of their guitar tablatures. Although they had changed their styles in the Load and Reload albums, still the Metallica signature on their music wasn't deleted.

With their newest album to date, Death Magnetic, I'm pretty much sure that the old Metallica are back. More speed, more heavy riffs and more pounding drums. No wonder Metallica is considered the Gods of Thrash / Speed Metal.

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