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At long last... I can pay homage to those great movies I have seen so far. I should have post this last month but due to busy work and extra curricular schedules, I haven't uploaded this tribute post.

And since I can't report for work because of my ankle injury, I have to catch up with my blogging. There are so many movies I want to pay tribute to and I ain't got time for them all. 

I'll try to have them posted but for now let's start the ball rolling with my all time favorite movie -- The Matrix Trilogy.

The Matrix. I was stunned by the action scenes on this initial offering of the franchise. Its unlike other action or sci-fi movies I had watched before. Of course there is the fight scenes that's very well done and the famous dodging of bullets of Neo are very unique.

The Wachowski Brothers had done their homework very well on this movie as well as actors Keanu Reeves, Carrie Anne Moss, Laurence Fishbourne and Hugo Weaving as Agent Smith.

Of course, I haven't fully understood the story line and the plot of the movie until I got myself my own DVD copy of the movie. I even told myself that its already over for the movie. But after watching it gazillion times, it totally freed my mind with several thoughts that life can be so complicated. One hell of a movie!

The Matrix Reloaded. I thought at first this is just a hoax when I heard there is a sequel to The Matrix. But after searching the internet about the confirmation of the second and third sequels, I found out that it is true. I prepared my schedules and anticipated the coming of The Matrix Reloaded.

I was not disappointed when I watched it. Same style of action and screenplay as the first one. There are new characters introduced here like The Architect, The Keymaker, The Twins, Persephone (played by the lovely Monica Belluci) and The Merovingian along with the others that has been freed from The Matrix who are living deep down in Zion.

The ending part wherein The Architect and Neo had this discussion about "What is The Matrix" was quite boring but it has some important information about the next part. Still a great sequel for me even though some say that its not as good as the first part.

The Matrix Revolutions. Still recovering from the Reloaded part, the last installment of the franchise was shown. I watched it and eagerly enjoyed the movie. Still has some awesome display of stunt and action scenes are distinguishable.

This showed a lot of warfare and gunfights between men and machine. Same characters but this time Neo and Trinity has to meet the Deus ex Machina -- the leader of the machines.

And as the story ends, my thirst for answers were fulfilled. Eventually, mankind has been freed from slavery and its without a cost. Neo's death and a millions more. 

The Animatrix. This one totally blew my head off. A compilation of 8 short stories with sophisticated CGI animation paving the way for The Matrix Reloaded. It told stories that are not shown on the trilogy but gave basic information on what had been and what will happen next.

The animation are very well done that sometimes its very close to the real thing especially the "The Last Flight Of The Osiris" episode. This one's a kick ass animated feature.

Verdict. I used to play a movie at least three times in order for me to get the gist and entertainment in a movie. For The Matrix Trilogy, I have done more than three. The movie was very well written and the screenplay is absolutely unique.

Never before I have seen and watched such an art that combines sci-fi, action and thriller all into one. No doubt in my mind that The Matrix Trilogy is the best movie of all time.

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