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Smallville Hottie

Several international celebrities had glanced my vision and there's just a few of them that really made my eyes satisfied of the beauty and awe of women. One of them portrayed the character of Clark Kent's love interest in the TV Series Smallville.

I assume you know who I'm talking about. So without further introduction, here she is. Kristin Kreuk.

Kristin Kreuk. Born as a Capricorn from a Dutch-Chinese descent. After a stint of a teenage soap opera set at Vancouver, she was casted in the phenomenal TV series, Smallville. Here as Lana Lang, Clark's love in high school, she demonstrated her acting prowess as well as exposing her exotic beauty to audiences.

She also ventured into the big screen with movies like "Snow White", "Partition" and "Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li". Neutrogena also made this pretty actress their spokesmodel until 2007. Surely many more projects will come her way in the next years.

Kristin Kreuk has a unique picturesque beauty that men could only imagine. I admit that I already loved her the first time I saw her and waiting for that moment that I could meet her personally... at least.

Too bad I'm already engaged. Although her character's been kind of a bitch lately in the Smallville series, I'm sure she's still that naive and kind at heart. If I do have the chance, I'll marry her and will love her all my life.

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