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Beep! Beep! Beep!

Way back in the early 70's... Filipino bands were struggling to earn some dough. They have to do covers and play gigs at a night club somewhere in Olongapo. Their audiences were American soldiers based in the naval base nearby.

The martial law had also prevented them to create original scores for they might be imprisoned. Few of them were brave enough to take the risk and one of them was Juan Dela Cruz Band. And this is my tribute to them...

The Legacy. Formed originally by Wally Gonzales on guitars, Sandy Tagarro on bass, Edmund Fortuno on drums, Bing Labrador on organ and Alex Cruz on saxophone and flute last 1968. After several band reformation, the trio of Joey "Pepe" Smith, Wally Gonzales and Mike Hanopol finally went on with their blues and their own style of Filipino rock music.

Thus Pinoy Rock was born with the songs "Himig Natin", "Balong Malalim", "Beep Beep" are among other hit singles that the group are famous for. As of this post, most Pinoy bands look up to them as influence and as fathers when it comes to rock music.

My Tribute. Although they had parted ways, the band is still an icon. I still remembered when I was watching a movie wherein their song "Panahon" was played as its soundtrack. I waited for the movie to end for credits, then I found that it was sung by Juan Dela Cruz Band.

Ever since, I listened to their music and became a fan. They have been part of our culture for their contribution to the Filipino music industry. Every Filipino knows Juan Dela Cruz Band. Shame on you if you are a Filipino and haven't at least heard one of their songs.

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