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Way back in the early 90s, alternative music has spawned the mainstream. Both local and foreign bands tried their luck to be in the current bandwagon era. I was in high school then and was listening to Guns N' Roses, Poison and Skid Row.

But a band called Nirvana had broken the boundaries of rock music and come up with the genre called "Grunge". And after hearing Nirvana's music, their front man Kurt Cobain had inculcated his music to my soul like a drug shot into my system. Next thing I know I am a follower. This is my tribute.

Kurt Donald Cobain
1967 - 1994

Kurt Cobain. Born in Aberdeen, WA last February 20, 1967, he was exposed to punk rock music in his teenage years in Seattle. His parents got divorced and was also forced to live at friends' houses. He got his first guitar as a gift for his 14th birthday and after some time, NIrvana was born together with Krist Novoselic and Dave Grohl (who will later become the lead singer of Foo Fighters).

He was married to Courtney Love (Hole) and was blessed by a daughter they named Frances Bean. Throughout his life, Kurt has been suffering from chronic bronchitis and stomach pains. Because of this he took in a lot of drugs and medicines to ease the pain away.

But his addiction to drugs had grown up to the extent that he became suicidal. After several attempts of killing himself, he finally succeeded on April 5, 1994. He shot himself with his shotgun because he knows for himself that he can't go on with his music.

From the closing part of his suicide note, he says "I don't have the passion anymore, and so remember, its better to fade out than to fade away".

One of my hero when it comes to rock music, Kurt Cobain had revolutionized rock music to the next level. He forever changed it with his own "grunge music". Although his temper and drug addiction cannot be prevented, still he created his own and be known for his music and not his character.

Either he was murdered or committed suicide, it doesn't change how fans, including me, look at him as an icon. He influenced me to play the guitar as well as gave me principle for being what you are. And for his 15th death anniversary month, I salute the man, Kurt Cobain.

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