Hospitalization: My Virgin Experience

Ankle Breaker

Last Sunday... I had my first experience with one of my most hated places in the world... The Hospital. You could try and leave me on an isolated cemetery or a haunted house but not the hospital.

I hate it when somebody is crying out for pain. I don't know if its the stink or its a boring place... I really hate hospitals. But its really inevitable after an accident that happened to me... I really need to go to the dreaded place.

Pre-Hospital Event. After a shot sunk in, I redeemed my confidence that I can still play basketball. And as the game goes, I tried to go block a shot from a colleague and then it happened. I sprained my right ankle during a basketball game with my colleagues.

I thought I could bear the pain and play some more but it keeps on hurting. I ask for a substitute and sat down at the sidelines. I took off my shoes and behold... my foot was swelling. A colleague who is a physical therapist bought some ice and applied it on my sprained foot.

After some time... I thought I could walk but it swelled some more and I can't use my right foot. Since I have my medical expenses covered, I decided to be brought to the hospital.

The Hospital Experience. I was brought to VRPMMC which is the nearest hospital from the place. Nurses and other staffs tried to apply the necessary first aid on my sprained right ankle. They gave me another ice bag to ease the swelling and some medicine to take away the pain.

After almost 2 hours of waiting, a lady doctor came in to inspect and interrogate me. I don't know if she's beautiful but her face looks like that she went on a cheap promotional face lift operation. She got bleached hair that I would compare to those hairs of the "bakal boys". She looks at me like she's going to have me for dinner then gave me options on what will happen. After 2 seconds (?!) of thinking, I decided to stay in the hospital.

I got a semi private room with TV, Fridge, Air-con and a comfy bed with bathroom. After some time, the same doctor applied a bandage and then went on. From time to time, several nurses and doctors flock my room like my illness is so deadly and contagious. 
Its like they came in just to say that they are paying extra care for their patients. Although I got a comfortable place to stay... it feels like a prison to me.

Afterwards they took me to the operating room which looks like a morgue to me. An Orthopedic doctor applied a much better bandage on my injured foot. Its some kind of fiber glass that got me at least walk for the first time since I got injured.

Post-Hospital Event. I was already itching to get home because I have things to do and I felt like a useless bum at my room. So I told my mother to get the receipt and get me out of the hospital.

After settling the payment, a priest came in. WTF?! A priest!? Am I dying? Its a simple sprain. After a conversation to him... we left the forsaken hospital and at last I'm home.

Verdict. I'm not sure if all hospitals are like VRPMMC I had my first time with but this is really an overacting hospital. They kept me in for 2 days for a simple sprain. Got my insurance charged for fifteen thousand for my 2 day stay.

I have to pay less than 700 pesos extra for other expenses like bandages and medicines. Good thing that my mother brought some cash to pay for the remaining balance. My virgin experience to be hospitalized is some what ridiculous. I could have been released the same day with the same cast but in order for them to cash in some more money from my health provider... they over reacted.

And I wish I won't come back to this hospital in the very near future.


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