Holy Week 2009

A Report To GOD

Last week, the whole Christian Nation commemorated the Holy Week. It is the time of the year to look back and remember Jesus and what he had done for us. For some, it's the time to repent their sins and reflect on their relationship with GOD and Jesus, who died on the cross for our sins. 

For others, its a perfect reason to get out at the beach because of the long vacation. For call center employees like me, its just an ordinary day. Its just that we got to be paid in double because we get to work on holidays. 

But in those times, I still reflect on my relationship with GOD and still missed the things I did before I changed career paths. But we have to face the truth that life ain't that easy..

Palm Sunday. Never had the chance to go to church at least to pay homage to my Creator. The lazy bug bit me and fell asleep together with my fiancee. And when we woke up its already too late to go to church. So I just prayed after spending time with my fiance and went back to sleep that night.

Holy Monday to Holy Wednesday. Just ordinary days... Had off on Monday and got back to work on Tuesday night. I tried to scour Cubao last Monday to look for the battery charger of Nicole and got successful.

Got another battery for half the price I paid in Hidalgo. I also purchased a card reader that didn't work and a memory card that can't be supported by my camera. Special thanks to The Battery Specialist.

Maundy Thursday. I had to leave home early because I may be caught stranded. It is because I was anticipating the Alay-Lakad that would make my travel to the office worse. I was one of them before I worked in a call center. I used to be one of the people that walked to the Antipolo Church just to show my repentance and sacrifice to GOD. But now, I think that walking is just one of the younger people's way of fun.

Good Friday. No local channels available but thank GOD for cable TV. I remember way back, Friday was the most quiet day of the week. We can't play because if we get wounded, elders say that it won't heal. We need to take a bath before 3 PM because after that we would be bathing in blood. 

Nah... after the years, I proved it was just our parent's way to keep us disciplined. Boring day I should say but this is how our elders want us to pay homage to Christ and why he died for our sins. Still haven't had the chance of going to church.

Black Saturday. Before, it still was a boring day. But now, it seems its already a regular day... Malls are opening up and TV programming seems to be back to normal except for some.

Still haven't had the chance to at least pray and ask forgiveness of my sins. I don't know but for some reason, I don't really want to go to church that week. But I got the chance to watch Bo Sanchez on TV and some enlightenment came in to my soul.

Easter Sunday. It was suppose to be a busy day for me. But it turned out to be a hospital day for me because of an accident while playing basketball. I sprained my right ankle and had to be hospitalized because of the swelling. More on this on my next post.

For this past Holy Week, I hadn't had the chance to reflect and ask forgiveness for my sins. I also haven't had the chance to at least to talk to GOD and report to him what is already happening in my life.

I had lost my faith with the church I'm in to but still I believe in GOD. I'm going to discuss this topic on my other post. But for me not going to church would not mean that I'm into devilish acts. I believe that doing something good to fellow people is the key to heaven. And I hope from this, I had already reported myself to GOD.


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