Anne Curtis

Bow Down To The Dyosa

With so many Filipina actresses out there... one stands out among the best. There are girls that just has the beauty but with no brains and there are beauty, body and brains. And then there is Anne Curtis.

Our featured 9MM Girl for April has the beauty, body and talent that most of men like me are admiring. This Fil-Aussie girl had found her way here to bless us with her attributes. So men... bow down to the DYOSA...

Anne Curtis started out as a teeny bopper actress in a TV program. Later on, she transferred to another network to improve her acting skills. And she did not failed in it. She starred in several prime time TV soap operas that perfected her acting. "Hiram", "Maging Sino Ka Man" and "Dyosa" are the prime TV programs that lifted up her career as an actress.

Because of this, she bagged the Best Actress award in the recent 2008 MMFF for the movie "Baler". She also does hosting chores regularly on a Sunday noontime show and also does modelling chores for a clothing company. Nothing can stop this young lady but to go up on her showbiz career.

I liked Anne Curtis because of her acting skills, beautiful face, nice, sexy bod and her luscious lips. Over the years, I was amazed on how she improved on her acting. I thought she was never gonna be an actress. She was very maarte and very disappointing to watch way back.

Maturity came and improved not only her acting but also her body. She grown up to be a fine young lady. She has an exquisite beauty that most of the girls envied for and a body that could launch a thousand ships. Those luscious lips that a man dreamt of kissing, including me. Anne Curtis is truly our Dyosa.

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